Marvel’s Ant-man and the Wasp Movie Review

Best things come in small forms! Totally not a sexual innuendo! 

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Taken place after the events of Civil War, Ant-man (Paul Rudd) is under house-arrest and dealing with a fallout with Hope ( Evangeline Lilly) and Hank(Michael Douglas) . Scott wants nothing more than to complete his sentence and move on, which worked well in the first movie. Hope and Hank drag him into another mission but now Hope is the Wasp.

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Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) a new threat appears, someone who can walk through walls, trying to get a tool created by Hank and Hope. A second villain played by Walton Goggins is in the mixed. Though he’s involvement seems a bit odd, I actually enjoyed it. Not to mention, leaving an open door to some new threats for future films. That’s always good.

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The action sequences are, as expected, awesome! From the car chases, to the Wasp fighting multiple guys in a kitchen, to the duo! Another aspect I’m glad worked was their comedic timing. Luis (Michael Pena) returns funnier than the first film and much more screen time! This dude had me laughing so much and I’m so glad they not only brought him back but used him more. Good call Marvel!

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Ant-man and the Wasp was beyond a good time, it’s a film that hits all the right spots! Actions that keep you locked in! Hilarious! Questions to what comes next and that’s how it should be. Keeping it completely vague, Ant-man and the Wasp is worth watching, awesome summer movie and a great addition to another set of fantastic lineup in the Marvel Universe.

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Marvel fan know this, but I’ll say it anyway…stay until the end of the credits for two, 2, post credit scenes. 



Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Review

A rescue mission…for dinosaurs.

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It’s been three years since the catastrophic of the theme and now a volcano on the very island is now active. Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) now an activist for dinosaurs, tries to convince people to rescue the animals before their extinction. Three years definitely changed her. I mean, going from seeing these animals as nothing more than money/entertainment to risking your life for them.

Dr. Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) returns to prove, once again that breeding these highly intelligent creatures are dangerous. As it’s been proven time and time again. Cool to see Dr. Malcolm again, though he really wasn’t in it but cool just the same.

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A former partner of John Hammond’s asks Claire in rescuing the dinosaurs before the volcano kills them all. Knowing the Blue is the last of her kind will not go with them and needs Owen’s (Chris Pratt) help. With some history between them Owen isn’t immediately on board, but as you know he does or else he wouldn’t be in the trailer.

The movie starts off really solid and tends to fall flat in the middle up until the ending. That’s a big flop and wish that weren’t the case. The scenes with Blue and Chris Pratt were probably my favorite. Showing that dinosaurs and men can have a relationship and their just animals that are intelligent. The movie does illustrate that well so props!

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The island sequences were actually pretty good but there were a few moments were it was either corny or unrealistic. Yeah, I know unrealistic for a movie with living dinosaurs but it’s true! Does it have the magical feeling of Jurassic Park? No absolutely not but I wasn’t expecting it to be and I don’t think anymore could top what the original did. However, their were moments where I felt the intensity yet other scenes weren’t as strong.

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I will say that the chemistry between Bryce and Chris is a lot better in this one than the last one. Have to give credit where it needs it. If I had to choose Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom, I would go with Jurassic World. But Jurassic Park will forever be #1!

The movie doesn’t really have something new that we haven’t yet seen before, which is what I was expecting. Though the beginning was entertaining, the middle was a very slow pacing, and the end was trying to recover that but didn’t manage to stick the landing.

The movie isn’t bad, and it is watchable but I really just see it as a movie. Which I didn’t want it to feel that way. I want it to feel different, unique, something new. I don’t even see it as a sequel and it should at least feel like that. The ending wasn’t what I was expecting and wish they didn’t go that route. How they’ll end up doing it I’m interested in seeing.

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Overall, it’s watchable, though disappointed in areas I’ll give them that outcome on opinion. Let’s see how part 3 brings it home.

A Court of Frost and Starlight Book Review (ACOTAR #3.5)

A tease…with four months left until book 4, A Court of Frost and Starlight gives a glimpse of what the characters are up to after the war and what’s to come. 

Spoilers if you haven’t yet any of the previous books!

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When I first heard about another book in the ACOTAR series was to be released this year I was filled with glee. Then I learned that it was actually a filler book, and immediately felt cheated. This book is actually a look into what book 4 will bring, so not a 3.1 but a 3.5 book. Yeah, totally roller coaster of emotions!

Little confused? I’ll just sum up!

Finding allies isn’t easy, especially after a war. Everyone is desperately in need of a xanax! Rhys and Feyre continue their duties as High Lord and High Lady while still trying to deal with what they went through during Hybern. It was interesting to read how much it affect them in very different ways. After each book they managed to get closer, considering they’re mates, but that doesn’t stop the troubles of their lives. I loved that!

SOOOO many heart breaks! And it was the dudes feeling the hurt this time. Lucien is avoiding Elaine. Cassian and Nesta are no different, expect for Nesta. One thing that surprised me was definitely Nesta. After everything, the one thing I was certain of was that Elaine is the fragile one and Nesta is the hardcore bitch. The bitch part certainly didn’t change but it was frustrating not really knowing what is going on with her. Again, this book is a tease!

Az, poor poor Azriel. Dude needs a hug or some ass or both! I have no idea the direction the author will go with him and Mor. Though nothing will probably happen, she’s already made that clear, something is going on with him and Elaine, which confuses me!

I’m glad Tamlin made an appearance, but how he appeared was a shock yet satisfying. The guy wasn’t a bad guy in the first book and though he royally fucked up, multiple times, why shouldn’t he feel somewhat guilty. I’m very interested in seeing what he does next.

For a book that’s less than 300 pages quite a bit happens. It leaves you wanting more and more, as every book should do. It was great reading about these characters again and anticipating the next book when shit hits the fan. Because it will!

Feyre and Rhys proved, once again why their the hottest couple in the series. You see them growing not just together but as individuals. Every character has something they must deal with and I’m eager to how it plays out. It leaves you with more questions but some insights that had me going “awwww.”

A book worth reading, especially if you’re having ACOTAR withdraws and need something to hold on to until October!



War Storm (Red Queen #4) Book Review

The conclusion of the Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones mixed with X-men series. With every great series there’s that feeling of wanting to know how it ends and not wanting it to end. I will say this…I didn’t cry! Am I strong now?

Contains spoilers if you haven’t read any of the previous books. 

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War has began and allies are now enemies…again. Mare deals with a lot in this book, poor kid can’t catch a break. Cal having accepted the title of king once again, their relationship is in a awkward position. Having one mission, end Maven once and for all, was difficult enough then add Cal accepting the very thing their trying to destroy. This book was filled with scheming, which I expected nothing less of a book that reminds me of Game of Thrones.

Scarlet Guard had their agenda, Cal and his advisers had theirs, Maven and Iris and etc. I found it interesting though by the end it did feel unresolved in a way. I would guess that in time of war that would be the case. It’s never a win or lose situation but a lose or not lose as much as the other guy. It does have it’s realistic areas for a fictional story and I give it props.

One character actually stood out more than the rest and it was actually one that wasn’t shown much. Jon! The seer that knows all and messed with their heads in the previous book is still messing with their heads in this one, especially Mare. The concept of your actions having huge impacts in the world was so fascinating to me. This guy betrayed Mare because he knew it had a purpose and the actions the follow must happen for the grand picture. Being a chess piece is something that Mare refuses to be but how can you when even if you ignore the problem that very thing causes an effect. Headache I know but it’s intriguing! I would love to read a book about this guy and what really went on before he meet Mare. That whole thing just stood out to me in a very surprising way.

Though Mare and Cal are no longer on the same side, their still love there and wanting to be together but what was keeping them apart was something I kind of understood. Cal was torn between wanting to do right with a crown with more power or the right thing and have his birth right taken away again. It made sense up until the end where I think a lot of stuff could have been prevented if that very thing happened from the beginning. No spoilers!

Mare reminded me of Frodo from Lord of the Rings a bit. By the end after everything she has been put through that weight of war, loss, heart broken, etc. you really do feel the heaviness of it. Mare sees crown as the ultimate enemy and one that has no good in it. Too much power for one person causes chaos, and has been proven for hundreds of years. But how to destroy it when it’s on the top of the two heads of the brothers that have a piece of her heart. I really felt for Mare!

A character I really didn’t care for was Evangeline. Though she did manage to earn some points it doesn’t erase all the horrible stuff this chick has done. I get her circumstance but I didn’t couldn’t like her as much as the book tried to make me feel towards her. I’m totally with Farley in the area!

The book had a lot of planning and scheming and back and forth banters. The main focus was the war and how it ties everything together. The battle itself was a exciting one but one that felt incomplete. You can say I didn’t like the way it ended, because it’s true, but I get it and it makes sense. Doesn’t mean I have to like it!

Maven. I can’t really get too much into it without spoiling it. But after everything he has done, and though he was tortured and made into the monster he is by his mother, the Norman Bates in his character was interesting but after 4 books it feels anticlimactic. However, I don’t think there was anything that could be done with him that wouldn’t feel that way because it would still feel like it wasn’t enough. He was damaged and evil though not by choice it didn’t change that. He was a very interesting character and one that broke me when he betrayed Mare so I liked him. In the evil character aspect, because if you fail to make the villain feel like a true villain then the whole story fails. He was a good evil bastard!

War Storm wasn’t as heart breaking as I thought it would be but I enjoyed it. The love/dislike (won’t use Hate cause that’s a strong word) about it was the realism of it. Real like doesn’t have a happily ever after, still hoping though, and it has that in this book. Unanswered questions remain but you see the characters as people by the end of this book and that isn’t easy to do. Red Queen is one the best series I have ever read and remains on my list of favorite series. Though I wanted War Storm to have a bigger impact on me, doesn’t change the fact that it’s a good ending to a bad ass series.

Pixar’s Incredibles 2 Movie Review

13 years waiting… it wasn’t until I watched the trailer that I realized how much I needed this movie. 

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The Incredibles are back and better than ever! Only all superheroes are now illegal and they must stop doing what they do best…save people.

Things start to look up when a super fan/businessman contacts Mr. Incredible, Elasticgirl, and Frozone to try and change the citizens perspective of what the government has lead them to believe them to be. However, Elasticgirl would be the one in the limelight and her responsibility to make it possible for superheroes to come out of hiding.

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While Elasticgirl does her badassery, Mr. Incredible is now full-time dad and the kids, well, kids again. Though the action sequences with Elasticgirl were very cool, I was much more intrigued with how Bob and the kids were handling living a normal life. Bob, lack of sleep and frustrated with Dash’s math homework, or Violet’s crush or the one that steals the show Jack-Jack!

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The laughter I had when Jack-Jack would come on screen made me have tears in my eyes. The family dynamic was much more intact in this film than in the first, I think. Elasticgirl, though succeeding in her missions a villain arrives that uses technology to hypnotize it’s victims and calls himself Screenslaver. The villain had me thinking of Captain America: Winter Soldier. This villain had it’s reasons to doing what it did and though of course wrong, you do see both sides of the situation. However, I immediately knew who the bad guy would be, it was still the concept that I really appreciate.

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EDNA RETURNS TOO! Who else is Bob going to call for advice than costume designer Edna for help with Jack-Jack’s new powers! Like in the first film, Edna stood out to me and when she’s on screen in this one, it’s no different. She steal it!

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13 years waiting for a movie I didn’t think I needed or even wanting and walking out of the movies with my soul being uplifted. The cast is amazing, as we knew they would be but what this movie surpass the first, for me, was the struggles the family had with ordinary life, and it was more on the realistic level that I found so interesting. I laughed so much, so many heart felt moments, exciting action scenes and the joy of seeing beloved characters back on the big screen. Incredibles 2 13 year wait was well worth it and you can tell they put a lot of thought and love in making this movie worth watching and waiting for.

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Pixar you out did yourselves! Now, give me Toy Story 4!!!