Topic of Today~ FIfty Shades of Grey

Topic of today!
Fifty shades of grey by E.L.James

I’m sure you’ve heard all about the this book if now, if not, well you will! Okay for starters let me say a couple of things; I’m a book-aholic ,yes my name is cesilia and I am a book-aholic. They do say the first step to recovering is acceptance , and I accept it and love it!

Secondly, I have read many different type of genres ,to teen fiction, romance, thrillers,mysteries, horror, science fictions,historical, to down right depressing wanting to hang myself but funerals are expensive, so moving on.

A little warning ladies and gents, my humor will be all over this article and the rest in the future, so bear with me.

Since clearly I have had my share of books, and my favorite and any book is the romance. Yes, cheesy,chick flick,box of tissues and a an oxygen tank because I’m crying so much and can not breathe!
But one book was far different then anything I have ever read.
Fifty shades of grey.
A book has never made such an impact on me, that being said I absolutely head over heals in love with trilogy! Before you start with the whole, it’s graphic, sex, toys, perverted mind etc. Let me tell you the SHORT back story.

Anastasia (Ana) Steele goes on to interview a wealthy, successful, Mr. Christian Grey, on behalf of her roommate who had begged to get this interview however had come down with a cold. Ana, willingly accepts her friend’s plead heads off absolutely clueless as to who this Mr. Grey might be. When she arrives to his office she falls off her feet, literally falls down to the ground in front of Christian Grey. This man is not an old, fat, balding, rich Christian but a 27 year old, built, tall, very gorgeous man. Of course, the attraction is undeniable but she doesn’t consider herself he’s type, I mean you would have doubt to right? Leaving with her job done, Christian isn’t ready to call it a day. He manages to appear in places she is and makes sure that Ana notices he’s attention. When Ana approaches the strong feels he pulls away. He tells her he isn’t right for her and this shouldn’t happen. The two clearly can not stay away but when Ana sees a relationship, Christian sees a possible Submissive. Christian comes from a world very different then Ana does, and well that is true how can one walk away when the feels have blossomed. She decides that it was worth giving his life style a try as long as it was him on the other end. But Christian begins to act like he has never before, a boyfriend. He wants total control over Ana and she must oblige with no questions. Well Ana is different then the rest of the girls his been with because she asks and denies him, countless times. That to him he finds, amusing and compelling. His life as a youngster was very dark and would make anyone dysfunctional, such explained how he got into the world of S&M. With Ana he learns that even though he doesn’t think about his past he runs and hides from it every day of his life. The whole atmosphere changes for the two when one leaves and the other realizes what’s important.

Now lets analyze shall we!

Christian Grey- Messed up character from an early age

Anastasi Steele- The Heroine

Still following me. GREAT!

Now, yes there is sex, a lot of it, but so is every love story, Yes ladies and gents this is in fact a love story not porn on paper! A lot of people judge the little things they choose to read, like for example, he uses toys on Ana, OH WHAT AN OUTRAGE!  Come down I’m not done. They way he uses them were intimate, he made love to her and attended to her needs. For Ana, every touch was new for her and she wanted to please him as well but was inexperienced.

Now I’ve heard a lot of women say, ‘Oh it’s to show you how to have sex with your man” Ummm it’s not a self help book, but hey if it helps PLUS! If you say you don’t need it and your sex life if great, HEY MAZEL TOV! Another of my personal favorite is “the graphic will destroy they way you should think about intimacy” hahahahaha okay but men can watch girl on girl but we woman can not read a book about two characters who fall in love for each other? ANY BODY SEE THE PICTURE HERE!

The main thing is if you don’t think like don’t read it again, if you just read a few pages and think it’s total garbage you should really go back and finish the book then make you opinion of naw or yay. Is that so hard? Enough of this taking over the S&M scene, this book doesn’t promote it, it is A LOVE STORY, a journey two adults must travel to find the right in each other. Not how to use a whip on your wife/husband, but if your into that stuff not my place to judge, I didn’t come out of you 🙂

So there you have it my lovelies of the topic of one of my all time favorite books of all time!  My question for you now, did you read it? what did you think? I love to hear from you!

Hope you enjoyed a moment into my head on the subject lol talk to you all soon!


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