Retelling Romeo & Juliet

Retold Romeo & Juliet

One of my favorite love stories has always been Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, I loved the conflict of the two lovers and the hatred of the two families keeping them apart. That being said, I hated reading it!

I mean its so difficult understanding Shakespeare without getting a headache. For example: “The sweetest honey is loathsome in its own deliciousness. And in the taste destroys the appetite. Therefore, love moderately.” can you just say love sucks! simple!

Like I said I love the story but reading it is unpleasant! Then I found Juliet by Anne Fortier and now see the story in a whole new light! It takes you to a present Romeo and Juliet then the past to the original.

I’m about 80% done with the novel so I can’t give my final review yet, other than I loving it, but wanted to share of what I was reading and the connections of one of the greatest love stories ever told!

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