Book Review: A Bite’s Tale by Veronica Blade

What a twist into the classic fairy tale of Cinderella and the Prince!
Cinderella a werewolf.
The prince a vampire.
These young love bird meet and give each other fake names for the fun of it. Cyndi is Cinderella with bright red hair and stubborn at times. Remy is Jack from the story Jack and the beanstalk, he is also the king’s son.
Cyndi loses control of her inner wolf and accidentally bite’s Remy nearly killing him. The king’s son dying from the attack, he’s father’s trusted advisor, who just so happens to be a vampire, bites him to save his life.

Three years have passed and Cyndi returns. The king’s son Remy still awaits for his Cinderella to be reunited with him and what a great way them a ball!

Different fairy tale of anything I have ever read and I did enjoy! Short and lovely read!


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