Getting Rid of Bradley Book Review!

So Lucy files for divorce to the cheating Bradley Potter. When they are have a court meeting for little details he doesn’t show. Lucy, so angry with him, and herself for letting this happen, she promises herself that from this moment one she will becoming a new and independent woman!Her sister Tina who was there for support couldn’t be happier that her sister is divorcing Bradley but wants nothing more than to over protect her sister. When they get feed up in waiting they head to a small diner where little did they know that two police man where looking for the same Bradley they were waiting for.
When the cops over hear the ladies conversation they pursue. Detective Zachery Warren or Zack has been searching for the embezzler Bradley. He and his senses know that Bradley would be in the diner. Suddenly, Bradley’s ex- wife is at the same diner!
Zack then approaches Lucy but things don’t turn out smoothly, for Lucy thinks Zack is an attacker and then a speeding car begins to shoot at them! Zack is convinced that they where targeting Lucy. Perhaps an angry ex husband/ criminal.
She has a beautiful house and three dogs, who she loves and treats as children, and Zack begins to feel obliged to protect her. When things begin to happen to Lucy, he decides that 24 hour protect is in order.
Living under the same roof, things begin to turn “comforting” which is the one thing Zack didn’t want. He dislikes the idea of getting older and having “responsibilities” and now living in a house, protecting Lucy and getting attached to her three dogs he suddenly realizes this is the life he wants. But for Lucy, her realization is, someone is trying to kill her, someone wants her out of her dream house, her ex husband wasnt the person he said he was, and now she is falling for a man that she just meet and only been divorced for a week!

It was a very entertaining read, with humor and love and suspense. I generally enjoyed it! It took me a while to really get into it but it was a quick read and it did get better close to the end.



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