Beautiful Creatures…SO FAR…




Haven’t read anything today so going on to talk about what I read last night. Now I am currently almost half way into the book and I could say it is worth a read.

It narrated in Ethan’s point of view. Who is the hero of the story. Different from the girls point of view (POV) Not get me wrong I do enjoy reading the perceptive of someone who the “different types of a emotions” as us girls do. But having the POV of a boys is really interesting to me. As well as entertaining!

Now that I’m enjoying the story I couldn’t be more thrilled for the film! But I’m trying to stay clear of the photos and searches for I do not want to see or read something that will spoil anything for me!

I have done countdowns for the rest of the films I’m looking forward to and now I have another to add on the list 😀

I will tell you the basic summary of the story WITHOUT RUINING anything for you, if you decide to make it your next read…

Ethan Wate is your typical southern boy in Galtin, South Carolina. Small town where all your secrets aren’t secrets at all. Everyone knows everyone and every day is pretty much the same each day. Ethan wants to travel and leave for each of his generations stay put. He’s life is…BORING! But when the out cast of Galtin, Macon Ravenwood’s niece comes to town, his life changes in a major way. Having lot his mother to an accident he had began having dreams, the same dream every night. Falling. Falling and trying to hold onto a girl. But he never sees her but he knows he can’t let go. So when the town’s freak niece shows up in his school, his dreams aren’t the only mystery that needs solving. He wants to know her. She wants him to leave her alone. The town wants her out. But trying to separate the two should be the least of their worries, for there is a storm coming and for some reason Lena, Macon’s Ravenwood’s niece, has a number on her hand. Each day it becomes a lower number. What is she counting down to? Why are the two connected in same way that the town don’t approve of?

There you have the summary of what the story is about without telling you the parts I’ve already read of course :p

P.S. If your interested in reading this story, email me and I’ll send you the book! #Happyreading


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