Thank YOU!!!

Consistency is key! I will try my absolute best to post at least three post a day for you! Rather that would be my countdowns, new pictures, news, or random talks lol YOU are the reason I started this blog! To have discussions and just enjoy our inner nerd, rather we want to admit it or not 😛 My passion for books and movies have always been my own safe haven but YOU gave me a purpose to open my doors for others to be welcomed in! I love hearing from friends and complete strangers that they couldn’t put a book down that I recommended or that I get so excited about everything that it gets them excited, like a kid in a candy store!

I just wanted to take the time and Thank Every Single One of YOU for the support and letting me be the goof ball of a nerd that brings a smile to your face 😀 Let us unite to make authors, actors, directors, crazy with our FAN-ISM!





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