“This easiest way isn’t always the right way”


Took me by surprise!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! First of, the one thing that I enjoyed was the narrator! It was Ethan Wate! I usually read books that are the heroine’s point of view ans sometimes is alternates with the male’s side, but the majority of the book it’s the female’s. So that alone was a shock for me. Something different. It worked! I thought it gave the book a different feel than if the main girl told the story.

So let me give the basic inside.

Takes place in a small town of Gatlin, South Carolina, where a sixteen year old boy named Ethan Wate wants nothing more than to leave. Since his mother passes away from a car accident nothing has really been the same. For one thing, his father secludes himself in his office, and the very realistic dreams his been having. Nightmares really. Losing someone who he can not see, but he knows he somehow loves her.

Nothing ever changes in the small town of Gatlin, neither do the people. Everyday is the same, except for one in particular. A new student in his school. That in itself was odd but her being Lena Duchannes, the niece the Macon Ravenwood, the town’s outcast/freak.

To make things even more surprising is, shes’s the girl of his dreams, or to say from his nightmares. The girl he fears of losing, but he’s never met her.

As the whole town tries to shut her out he can not seem to stay away. Then he learns something about Lena that isn’t exactly what he was expecting. She’s a Caster, which is another form of saying witch. Her family is filled with generations of Light and Dark Casters. And her sixteen birthday is arriving, which to some isn’t a big deal, but for Lena that is when she will be claimed Light or Dark. Ethan already knowing he’s heart belongs to Lena, he finds himself trying to do anything he can to help Lena not become Dark, with the own town wanting to kick her out of the town, his house keeper Amma and Lena’s uncle Macon trying to keep them apart, Lena’s birthday coming which means their time is limited, oh and the Darkest of the Dark Caster is out to kill Lena.

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