Memory Lane into my first love…BOOKS!

Memory Lane!

It started, I believe, when I was a sophomore in high school which was 2007. In school we had about half an hour to read in our 3rd period class. Whether that was out book we chose or our subject book. I remembering checking out Harry Potter. I did like it but didn’t really appeal to me so it was just something I had to do during class. After that I become, fan. I continued reading and found myself reading all 8 books!


Then during junior year going on senior year a friend of mine had a book with her. I asked what she was reading and she described a love story where a “hot guy” sneaks into her bedroom! Ummm I needed to know more! This is where is began…Twilight.


Twilight was the first book/series where I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN EVEN IF I TRIED! I got to hooked that I spent our whole family camping trip reading! My family thought I was crazy lol When I finished it, I kid you not I didn’t know what to do with my life! I couldn’t function anymore. It was all I could think about. So I would go on Barnes and Nobles website and search ANYTHING that would attract me like Twilight did.


My aunt, my mom’s sister, had surgery. Yes this is revelate to the story, any who, we were in the hospital and across from the waiting room was a gift shop. Outside of the gift shop was a chart of books. The sign said 5c books, hardcover to paperbacks. So I thought “Why not take a look.” One book stood out from the rest and when I picked it up and read the summary I was intrigued! So I bought my first book for 5c…Sizzle & Burn.


Sizzle and Burn by Jayne Ann Krentz. This was 2009, late June or Early July. When we arrived home from the hospital I went into the book. Now, one thing you should know is that I listen to my ipod while I read. Don’t ask me why! So I sat in my round green chair in my bedroom and opened the book. I feel in love with it! I had finished it that night!! I wanted more! Finally, I found a new book to get me excited to read as Twilight did. So I read a lot of Jayne Ann Krentz for a while and Nora Roberts. I enjoyed reading again. I read more books from different authors but none have really gotten to me like Twilight did. So I went back to Stephanie Meyer…The Host.


The Host, read in 2010, took me awhile to get into. But once I did, I felt so connected to the characters that I cried my eyes out on most parts! I had a emotional connection to the novel that I first had with Twilight. I wanted read books that I felt the characters emotions and have them in my mind even after I finish it. I read other books that were great but 2012 was my year…The Hunger Games.


This was completely different genre to me. The Hunger Games was about survival, friendship, honor, loyalty to what you believe in. Not based on romance, although there was some. Not about a girl fighting for her “man” but about a girl who needs to stay alive to keep her mother and little sister alive. I instantly felt attracted to The Hunger Games series!

Then my sister’s client/ friend told me about a new series. A series like nothing before…Fifty Shades of Grey.

product reviews 003

Saying it was amazing, compelling, heart wrenching would be an understatement! You are taken into a world of two people who fall in love but are from a whole different kind of world! Total opposites! You are exposed to feel inferior to feeling like an empowered woman who beat all obstacles for the man she loves. I became obsessed with this series and felt lost again when I finished it. I talked to everyone about it and even got people into reading it! It was great! That was in February 2012. After Fifty I went to different series, Die for me, Thirst, and more books. However, in September 2012 I came across a new series that made me believe in more that Twilight…The Mortal Instruments.


I’m always researching and looking for new books, movies etc. so when I was looking for a new series to read I can across two different books, Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. The fans of Mortal was huge! So many people describing it as the best series, worth reading, a must! So I went for it. I’m so glad I did! I was an amazing, incredible series! I got to a point where I had to talk about to anyone who would listen. That was my sister Laura! She would arrive at my house before she would leave for work and I asked if she would listen to me talk about the new series I was reading. Of course she said yes, since she loves me 😀 So each day I would describe the parts I read and my theories and crush on Jace Wayland. Suddenly, she would ask to tell her the story instead of me starting the conversation!

I talked about it so much that I got people into reading it as well!

I hadn’t realized how my obsessions were someone else’s entertainment. So I created this site and my blog, thanks to my sister’s idea, to talk MORE about it! Books are not just papers with words to me, their a part of me! They took me off depression that I’ve had for so long since I’ve been sick of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) they took me where parts of the world I’ve always wanted to go, London, Paris, New York and places where they don’t exist anywhere but inside the book. Others might do yoga or party for relaxation, I found that in my books. I could express my love for literature but I might be here for days. So I’ll rather say that I remember my life without it and why go back to that if I don’t have to?

So that’s how it all got started! 2007-present, and I know I’m not close to ending my obsessions anytime soon! Now you know my history of the books that had an impact on me.Hope you enjoyed it as it was for me to write it 😀



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