The Walking Dead Premiere!




Last night was what every TWD ( The Walking Dead) Fan have been waiting for!!! The premiere of the mid season!

You probably missed it since it was also the night of the 2013 Grammy’s or you haven’t gotten to sit down and watch the greatest show on TV! and for that I say WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!?

Any who, my review of the episode is “AHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO, WHYYYYYYYYY”

Yes, those exact words!

Yes, those exact words! No I hate spoilers but I must talk about this episode without censors.

So lets get to it…

Episode: Suicide King

The episode firsts starts off where we were left, Daryl vs. Merle. The Governor tells the citizens of Woodsbury that he doesn’t know where Merle’s loyalty  lies.  Merle then starts beating Daryl to the ground and whispers to him to follow his lead to escape. Suddenly, a gun fires killing a walker and a member of the town. Rick and Maggie through a smoke bomb to save Daryl! Running for safety they return to a very badly beaten Glenn and Michonne by a road. Realizing that not only did they rescue Daryl but as well as Merle. Outraged Glenn and Michonne ask what he is doing with him. Rick not happy about it either didn’t really have choice when Merle did help them find a way out of Woodsbury. The group get together and discuss their options about Merle as well as Michonne, who is still a stranger to the group. Daryl defending his brother he tells them it’s them together or he walks away. Rick, Glenn, and Maggie are taken back and try to reason with Daryl, but end up losing. Daryl leaves with Merle.


War has began! They know that the Governor will come looking for them and they just lost an important asset to the group! Back at the prison we have 4 new characters, Tyreese, Sasha, father and son Allen and Ben. Not knowing if they will be staying Allen and Ben decide to fight for the prison but Tyreese and Sasha dismiss the idea and tell them to act civil! When Rick, Maggie and Glenn return Carol asks for Daryl, and Rick had to brake the news that he left with Merle.

In Woodsbury, chaos rises! The people wanting to leave but denied start arguing and start honking their horns from their cars attracting the walkers. Suddenly, a woman screams and two walkers show themselves. Andrea takes them out but an innocent man gets bitten and is dying in front of the whole town. Knowing that he will turn once he dies but she couldn’t bring herself to kill him in front of an already afraid town. The Governors comes out of his apartment, walks up to the man and shoots him in the head then walks away.

Back at the prison Hershel and Rick head to Tyreese and the others. Rick tells Tyreese that he wan’t let them stay for the safety of his group. Tyreese begs Rick telling him that if he sends them off he is responsible. Hershel takes Rick off to the side to talk to him and let him know that what he’s deciding is wrong, that he should give them a chance. Rick who is about to agree sees a vision of Lori! He starts screaming and yelling, scaring the group! Rick throwing his gun around Glenn sends Tyreese and his group out for safety but leaving the rest in panic.


I couldn’t believe it! Daryl is gone, Rick is going crazy, Glenn is hurt for Maggie, and The Governor is still alive!! I can not begin to describe the feeling I felt after it was over. Now we must wait until next week!!!

Tune in Sundays at 9pm on AMC


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