Beautiful Creatures- I NEEDED TO SAY THIS!

This is a film adaption of the popular book series Beautiful creatures by kami garcia and Margaret Stohl consists of 4 books. the movie is very different from the book so you really arent obliged to read to understand. most films that do that arent welcomed with open arms, but in this case it did rather well.
So for non-readers, here’s a little fun fact of the book into the movie.
On your 16th birthday your claimed,
you have no say!
pretty much how every teenager feels!
Now, is this a total chick-flick?
Another Twilight?
Any nudity?
Will you get laid because you are bing “forced” to go watch it and by thinking that if you sit through it you might get lucky?
The answer is NO!
First, you can’t be “forced” to do anything unless someone has a gun on your head and says “you must watch this!” so stop with the whinning!
Secondly, if you want nudity watch porn. DONE!
Third, Twilight is over. There won’t be Edward and Bella anymore, can’t compare it to every love story known to man. Just because it is in the teen category doesn’t imply there the exactly the same thing.
Lastly, chick-flick, really. NO! The one thing I loved about the book is that it was narrated by Ethan Wate, a guy. You are taken inside of a teenage boy stuck in a small town where nothing ever happens and you looked at will microsope because thats the only thing to do there! Theres plenty of comedy and the sexual jokes that make you forget it is a love story. This isn’t the notebook, Titantic, Romeo & Juliet etc.
Would you consider Batman, Spiderman, Superman chick flicks? I mean theres romance. Batman was with Vicki Vale, Selina Kyle, Talia al Ghul and Spiderman was with Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, and the only really gentleman is Superman who had his heart for Lois Lane. They had conflict with each of them, but always tried to protect them and show them how much they loved them while still managed to save the world from evil.
Ethan Wate is the hero without of powers who is trying to save the love of his life who can’t control her powers, Lena Duchannes. Ethan tells Lena what we’ve all felt. Lena is so fustrated and angry at the fact her destiny is decided for her and all she wants is to be normal. Ethan hurt and scared tells her running away isn’t going to make things go away or any easier. Being human is dealing with the situation that is laid out infront of you. Humans don’t have powers and make things their way, we deal with “a bunch of shit”
I loved the book and loved that that feeling was brought into the film. They did change alot and wished that couldn’t have done it a little different for the sake of the book. However, it was really well done and the actors were picked beautifuly for the characters I pictured when I read it.
Now that’s my final review! I guess I had more to say then before. Hope you enjoyed it! Now, go see Beautiful Creatures!!


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