Beautiful Creatures VS. Twilight

It isn’t everyday when I have a topic that I feel like discussing and wont leave my head until I write it out! This is one of those cases!

Last night I finished the last book of the Caster Chronicles, Beautiful Redemption. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe the things that happen and I’m still in shock, to be honest. Great way to end the series!

Today as I’m rocking my niece to sleep I had a few minutes to do a little of my research on my phone. With Beautiful Creatures in mind already, I decided to look into the progress of the sequel. Having seen the film adaption on a midnight showing with my good friend, who also read the series, I was beyond excited to see the books on the big screen. My reaction to the film was…IMPRESSED! Of course, they did change A LOT from what was in the book. Having that said I was really surprised that I highly enjoyed it! Did I want them to have added a lot more in the film? Definitely. But that doesn’t take away the fact that it was a really good movie.

Back to my research. As soon as I type Beautiful Creatures on Google, I see tons of critics saying negative things about the film. Mostly, the fans of the book. Sort of saw that coming but for that fact that they didn’t like it AT ALL, wow. Then I came across a few comments that compared it to Twilight. HOLD UP! WHAT A MINUTE! “Twilight wanna be” NO! If you don’t remember, the first Twilight sucked ass! Before you all riot, I’m a huge fan of the series and I loved the rest of the films (Excluding Twilight) but for the fans of the book to say “Don’t make anymore films about Beautiful Creatures” honestly, I felt like I was about to have a stroke!

So that’s what I’m here to do, and hopefully some will have a different mind about the film. An insider if you will, about the 2 films and the books.




Bella Swan, a teenage girl, moves in with her father in Folks, Washington. Having lacking in the social department she meets Edward Cullen, a boy who is best left alone unless he is with his adopted brothers and sisters. Edward and Bella having a few conversations during class suddenly realize they’re attracted to each other. When Bella almost gets hit by a car and saved by Edward, she starts thinking that maybe he’s more than what he’s leading on. Her wanting answers and him not “being able to stay away” Edward reveals that he is a vampire, as well as his family. Bella and Edward fall in love and choose to beat the odds that are against them. His family is consisted with a “father” and “mother” figure, Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Emmett and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice, all who are a couple. Over the years they found each other and have been living as a family ever since. What makes them different than the rest is that they consider themselves, “vegetarians” they only feed off animals not human blood. A major change in the vampire world is no fangs. Trying to act like a normal couple challenges arrives. James a tracker, finds them wants nothing more than to kill Bella, a human, and will stop at nothing. Edward and Bella realize that their situation is far from normal. With one being immortal is the least of their worries. 


Ethan Wate wants nothing more than to get out of this small town of Galtin, South Carolina. Literature is his escapism and maps out where he would love to go. Lately hes been having these dreams, the same dream every night. A girl. A girl who is falling, trying to reach her to save but never gets close enough. He loves her, that he knows, but he can never see her face. Not thinking to much about it, other than breathing, he goes and does what he and everybody does in the town. The same thing everyday. Nothing ever changes in Galtin. So when there is a new student in his high school, that shouldn’t be big news, but for Galtin having a new anything is top story! Ethan, a popular guy whose lives has been under a microscope since his mother was killed in a car accident, doesn’t really think much about the “new student”. But when news spreads that the new student is the towns outcast niece, things become a little uneasy. The niece of Macon Ravenwood. No one has since him let alone any family members. People in Galtin stay clear of Ravenwood and anything and anyone related. So when Ethan finds out that the girl of his dreams. The girl that calls out to him but he can’t reach is a Ravenwood, Lena Duchanne. When they first meet, face to face, they can’t believe they’ve been dreaming about each other. But Galtin isn’t a town that takes anything lightly, especially Lena. The town believes that Ravenwood is nothing more than evil and brings it with them. Ethan knows that people in Galtin think this because theres nothing else to do really. But when unexplainable things happen and Lena is blamed, he stands up for her. Lena not having an good memory when she was in school she finds Ethan too good to be true. So she reveals that she is a Caster, a witch. Her whole family is a Caster. Ethan trying to process the secret and still wanting to be with her, he learns that a curse on her family will take her. On a Caster’s 16th birthday they are Claimed either the Light or the Dark. That person won’t know until that very night and changes who they are completely with no say on their part. Counting down Ethan and Lena believe that there is a way to change fate. But the curse has been in her family for hundreds of years, not to make matters worse but her mother is the strongest dark caster there is. Now she is after her daughter to be claimed to the Dark. Lena, changing each day, wants to stay that same and with Ethan. Ethan is taken from a boring town he’s was born in to a magical world hidden within. Time not on their side they rush to find the answer for Lena, but everything comes with a price. Ethan and Lena feel themselves connected but how can one change a fate when it has already claimed so many?

Actors/ Characters

When it comes to book adaptions one’s expectation are pretty high. Especially the main characters. When your reading a book you can picture what that character looks like and if the actor doesn’t look or portray it a certain way, it ruins the entire film!

Starting with Twilight

Bella Swan is described as clumsy, low self esteem, hard headed, just to many a few. When I read them I hated Bella! She couldn’t expect the fact that Edward loves her so she tries to push him somehow. She never thought things through which ended up hurting others.

Kristen Stewart played everything perfecting just not the acting part. She would just make in an intense face and that would show every emotion. WRONG!

bella-twilight kristen-stewart_3653

Edward is described as a gorgeous, romantic, passionate, broken, and palely white skin. Reading about him made my heart skip! I fell in love with Edward so for the film, I had HUGE expectations!

Robert Pattinson is one hot piece of pie!! He nailed the character, but I did want to see him act a little better. Some scenes were too awkward, some of the scenes were very intense and his expressions weren’t correctly done.

TwilightEdwardCullen Rob-HQ-robert-pattinson-28293559-1920-2400

Beautiful Creatures

Lena Duchanne is described with curly black hair, private, emotionally frustrated during her Claiming.

Alice Englert played Lena perfectly! She’s an amazing actress! She really got the emotional state of Lena and her love for Ethan!

526158_162916003836897_138828482912316_198529_1906645301_n 997b1f9a1b4a3c7ef1d915886cb6666f

Ethan Wate is 16 year old boy, lives in the world of books, dark hair and body movement shows as much as his facial expressions.

Alden Ehrenreich couldn’t play him any better! I can not see anyone else play Ethan! His accent, his smile, his lame jokes to Lena, his entire actor was breath taking!

images tumblr_mi8iy48rua1r7ix3no1_1280


To act like your in love and make the audience feel it sounds like a pretty hard job!



Awkward! I didn’t feel like they were in love and it took them film after film to convince us.They used A LOT of eye contact. Sweet little kisses and act like they were intense. It took away romance of the scene.

38579-twilight-bella-and-edward edward-bella-meadow-1

Beautiful Creatures

MADE ME BLUSH! With each kiss they had each emotion. The romantic kiss, intense kiss, the passionate kiss!! I felt and believed each and everyone of them!

tumblr_mau9szCST71ryrex1o1_1280 Ethan-Lena-ethan-and-lena-33755562-1800-1198

After Twilight, the films became better and better. The acting improved and little details from the book were added, considering they had different directors in each film so it gave it a different feel. But Twilight, the first film of the series was a total disappointment.

Beautiful Creatures, first film of the series. I absolutely loved it! Now, it is very different from the book, but the way they created it, somehow it connected in a good way. The scenery, acting was on point and true to the characters, story line and overall felt like the first book.

Beautiful Creatures grossed $7.5 million in the first weekend, but with Twilight was $7 million.

So ending Beautiful Creatures after the first is a huge mistake! There are three more books in the series that deserve to be in the big screen! Twilight was a phenomena and that was because the films got better after the first! Beautiful Creatures was an amazing film and I hope we get to see Ethan and Lena’s journey the way we read it!

I hope you enjoyed my little insider of the two films, and if you haven’t seen Beautiful Creatures you definitely should! And if you hated the film, I hope I somehow changed your mind and maybe you should see it again and if you feel the same way, then thats that.

Can’t wait to buy my copy on May 21st!


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