The Host Movie Review!

Late review, I know. But late is better than no review, so here we go!


The Host was…FREAKING AMAZING!!!! I cried, laughed, jumped, screamed (inside since my sister would have slapped me since she was next to me!)

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this movie!!! I read the novel about 5 years ago! When I found out they were going to bring it to the big screen I was having heart attacks left and right! With every book adaptions they’re a lot of concerns, especially with the fans of the books. In my case, I absolutely adored the book! Took my a while to get into in the beginning, but once I go passed it I was in the OMG stage for the entire book! I was consumed into the Earth that was invaded by an alien race. I was feeling the frustration Melanie felt when Wanda was revealing information to the Seeker. When Wanda could hear Melanie to help her and her family from being taken. The sudden feels Wanda felt for Ian as well as Jared in Melanie’s part.


Confused? I know, but it was a story like no other. A survival of the human race. A love story torn from different directions. Family issues with alien in the mix, makes your family issues look like a walk in the park!




Earth is invaded by an alien race, taking the bodies of the humans as Hosts. The aliens take over the body as well as their memories. With the human race almost extinct, some hide and try to survive. Melanie is one of the last humans with her little brother Jamie. The two struggle to survive and stay hidden from the Seekers (aliens) and end up meeting a boy name Jared. Not knowing if their the only humans left, Melanie, Jamie and Jared become a small family. Melanie and Jared fall in love and promise to always find each other. The Seekers want nothing more than Peace, and believe that taking over is a way of saving the Earth. The trio are attacked and Melanie is taken from them. Not wanting to be turned into them she tries to end her life but is saved by the Seekers themselves and injects an alien into her body to take over. Wanderer. With a new Host in the body Wanderer can search into Melanie’s every memory and locate other humans. Melanie, still inside her body not giving and talks back to Wanderer. Two souls in one body. Wanderer wanting peace searchers for Melanie’s family deep in the desert, hoping they to survived. But once they arrive they are treated like an enemy for every Host has bright blue eyes with a white circle. Jared and Jamie are safe with other human survivors as well as Melanie’s Uncle Jeb. Hidden in the cave they take Wanderer/Melanie inside and imprison here. Jared hating Wanderer for taking Melanie attack her with the help of others. Ian, an member of the group stops them, begging them to “act human” and starts to protect Wanderer. Melanie still communicating to Wanderer, they have no one but each other. Wanderer starts helping the group and starts earning their trust, as well as Ian, Uncle Jeb and Jamie. They call her Wanda. The Seekers still out looking for Wanderer, now Wanda, began to get their resources to find her. Wanda begins start having feels for Ian even though she has feels for Jared, projected from Melanie. A love triangle that really is a love square. Having to deal with another people in the body you’ve taken over calling all the shots, having feels for two different guys with one who wants to murder you, a little brother you must protect, and to add it all up you the Seeker who is obsessed to finding and killing everyone you love. 


Every character, every emotion, every dramatic scene, I envisioned how the movie would look like and the actor who would play them. It NAILED IT!!! 100% TO THE T!




Saoirse Ronan is an amazing actress and played Melanie/Wanda perfectly! To play one role is difficult but to play as if you have two minds in one, WOW! I couldn’t picture anyone else!



Diane Kruger as The Seeker, was a perfect match! Exactly how I pictured her to look and the way Diane Kruger played her, so ruthless was awesome!



Max Irons as Jared, couldn’t pick anyone better! Gorgeous and a terrific actor!


Jake Abel as Ian, was how I pictured him and his sensitive side was breath taking!


Chandler Canterbury as Jamie, This one took my breath away because he is Jamie! I love him in the book and Chandler brought him to life!

the-host-william-hurt-600x456-thumb-550x418-56715tumblr_mj01stfkEw1rjf1mso1_500 Kyle

William Hurt as Uncle Jeb, Scott Lawrence as Doc, and Boyle Holbrook as Kyle, were freaking incredible!!



They did an amazing job recreating the cave from the book to the movie!



I loved the scenes where Jared hated Melanie/Wanda, they did a great job pulling off that and really made your heart brake!






Having two souls in one body, having feels for two different guys, must be tough! YOU BELIEVE IT, IT ACTUALLY SHOWS! Which isn’t said for most films, but not in this one.

So there you have it! My review for The Host movie. If you haven’t seen it, go and see it and you won’t be disappointed! 

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Can’t wait to see it again and buy my copy!



2 thoughts on “The Host Movie Review!

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Great review. The love triangle isn’t the only thing wrong with the movie. The characters are also just these boring people that I didn’t care for at all.

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