Iron Man 3 Movie Review!


On Saturday, I finally got the chance to watch Iron Man 3 with my two nephews and brother and sister-in-law!

I have been dying to see this movie, what feels like forever, so writing this is like reliving it! It still plays in my head!

Iron Man 3 starts off just as the trailer said it would be, and how Tony Stark is now after The Avengers.

You see Tony Stark in a way we’re really not use to seeing him, human.

We know Tony is Iron Man and he always had a quality that made him seem, well superhuman, like Thor and Captain America. So seeing him this vulnerable and broken, is pretty heart wrenching.

I loved seeing that! Made it realistic!

He gets panic attacks, can’t sleep, and when he does sleep nightmares haunt him.


The Avengers really took a toll on Stark!

With an evil dictator, Mandarin  threatening  to destroy all, Iron Man suits up!



Now, a lot of talk about “a huge change” in the movie and comic book fans pissed off, well I just wanted to put my two cents in. I LOVED IT AND DID NOT SEE IT COMING!!

I won’t spoil it!

The fight scenes are freakin amazing! Pepper Potts kicked some major ass!


Overall, Iron Man 3 is the best one yet! Can’t wait to see it again and just one more step closer to Avengers 2!



I you haven’t seen it GO! NOW!

2 thoughts on “Iron Man 3 Movie Review!

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Nice review. There’s great action, solid acting, plenty of humor, witty dialogue between characters, a climax that’s exciting all the way through and a nice wrap up to a pretty nice trilogy.

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