Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Review!



Now, I knew the story of Hansel and Gretel but when I first watched the trailer of this one last year, I was sold to watch it!

Hansel and Gretel are brother and sister who are taken in woods, find a house made out of candy. The house belongs to an evil witch who traps children, feeds them to fat them up and eats them. When the Evil Witch prepares to cook them Hansel and Gretel managed to kill the witch and escape.

Did you ever wonder what ever happen to the brother and sister?


Well, this retelling of the old folks tale shows us that Hansel and Gretel become Witch Hunters!


The movie, starring Jeremy Renner as Hansel and Gemma Arterton as Gretel, did a good job in illustrating the hatred the brother and sister have towards witches. Action packed, really bloody which surprised me, funny and it has Hawkeye! WINNING!


Hansel and Gretel are hired by a Major in a town where children are suddenly gone missing. Tracking down every witch hoping to find the missing kids they come head to head with Muriel played by Famke Janssen, an evil witch planning on using the children to turn witches invincible.


The story did become predictable but I really enjoyed it and would very much watch again! No lovely dovey crap, and just hardcore action and killing of witches!

Would recommend it for older audiences and an awesome twist to a classic story!

In that note I just found out the a sequel is in the works! “No word yet on whether Renner and Arterton will return (they likely had sequel clauses in their contracts), but producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (yes, they produced Hansel & Gretel!) will return for the sequel.” http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/03/18/hansel-and-gretel-witch-hunters-will-get-a-sequel

Excited and can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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