The Cabin in The Woods Review!



Took me a while to finally watch this movie but then again I have an endless list of things I need to do. So I can cross out this movie. Now, this is probably the hardest review I will ever write. Not because I don’t want to spoil it, but because there is no way of explaining this movie! Yes, it’s horror, but it is NOT YOUR TYPICAL Cabin in the woods story!

Taking the words my brother used, it is Hunger Games/Evil Dead/ Resident Evil/Men in Black.

Confused? Yeah I know. But that’s the best way to describe it. It is horror but there is humor through the whole movie that makes it funny more than scary. Which is why it’s produced by Joss Whedon (Director of The Avengers)

The story is of 5 college students heading to cabin in the wood.

Chris Hemsworth aka Thor, as the Jock

Kristen Connolly, as Virgin

Anna Hutchinson, as the Slut

Jesse Williams, as The Academic

Fran Kranz, as The Stoner



Once they arrive weird stuff begin to happen, note you think yeah it can’t get any weirder, yeah no it does! Bloody, as hell, and hilarious, I can’t say that enough!



Weird to have these two office men, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford, but they killed it with their dialogue that made me laugh so hard!

This was the weirdest movie I have ever seen but I really liked it and have to give them the credit to an original horror movie in this day in age! HIGH FREAKIN FIVE!

Overall, awesome movie and definitely a movie I recommend!



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