Kick Ass Movie Review!


I know I’m late in the loop since this movie came out in 2010. Well, I’m a head now because Kick Ass 2 is ready to be released in August of this year! So lets get to it!

The ultimate question of the movie is, “why hasn’t anyone become a superhero?”

Who asked this, well the main character Dave Lizeweki ( Aaron Taylor-Johnson) your ordinary nerd and outcast. Dave has always dreamed of superheros and brought upon himself to become just that.


He dresses as a “hero” named “Kick Ass”


When he tries to help a man from getting his ass kicked by three large men, resulting in getting himself hurt as well, bystanders tape the occurrence and he becomes an internet sensation! Getting attention and respect from the community, as well as his crush. Kick ass learns the truth behind the life of heroes.

images (3)

The movie does take a while to speed up and it wasn’t was I expected. Then entered Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) who stole the whole movie!! One thing they did keep was the humor and that’s through the whole movie.


One thing that did surprise me was how violent and gory! Awesome plus!

Story is Hit Girl and Big Daddy ( Nicholas Cage) father and daughter have a revenge in mind towards a man who has done them wrong.

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The villain Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong) has a son Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who has been left out of everything and a true childhood experience. So when his father ends up having trouble with Kick Ass, Chris sees this as an opportunity to make his father proud.



He becomes Red Mist!

More than half of the movie is where the big fight happens. Of course most of it was Hit Girl being a total bad ass! So the end Kick Ass and Hit Girl join forces for the good!


Overall, I liked it and huge fan of Hit Girl, because if it weren’t for her this movie would definitely suck! Can’t wait for part 2! FYI A LOT OF CUSS WORDS, VIOLENCE, GORY AND DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS!


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