The Amazing Spider-man Movie Review!



Late on my last summer blockbusters but again, better late than never.

The Amazing Spider-man is a reboot to Sam Raimi’s Spider-man from 2002. Although I was crazy about it I did enjoy them, so when they announced reboot I was excited to see what they would create. I watched the movie with an open mind and was just a expecting a good movie. I GOT A FREAKIN AWESOME MOVIE!

This is how Spider-man is in my head! I haven’t read the comics but I do have some idea of the characters in the DC and Marvel world. This movie nailed it!! Not only did they manage to make you enjoy the movie but added heart!

Having been left in the care of his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field) by his parents at a young boy, Peter Parker has always wonder why.

The Amazing Spider-Man images-37

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield)  is a shy, loner and incredibly smart, a characteristic from his father, find his father’s briefcase and discovers a formula and a picture of a colleague.andrew-garfield-the-amazing-spider-man-image-2

Tracking down the only person who might have answers to why his parents left he meets Doctor Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). He tells him who he is and gives him the formula Peter’s father had created. Dr. Connors tells Peter of a solution that would help people with disabilities and help cure them as well as himself, he had lost one of his arms. While taking a tour in the lab a radio active spider bits him in the neck.

Curt Connors


Peter begins to block out his only family and ultimately making them nervous. An argument with Uncle Ben and poor choices leads to cause Uncle Ben to be murdered. Filled with anger, regret, and a need to find the man responsible Peter Parker takes it upon himself and his new power that has come with the spider bit to become Spider-Man!



Fighting crime and still seeking for the man responsible for Uncle Ben’s murder, Peter now Spider-man has a bigger issue. Gwen Stacey( Emma Stone) . I loved the chemistry between the two and I love Emma Stone. She brought humor that Peter Parker is actually known to be a better funny guy. Having the attention to a girl he’s always had a crush on made him love his knew found sight to life.




Keeping his identity a secret is hard work but not a hard as having his new girlfriend’s father, a Captain in the police force who just so happens to think Spider-Man as a “masked vigilante” and wants to take him out. Captain Stacy (Denis Leary) finds himself tracking down Spider-Man as well as a new threat that has a weapon to destroy man-kind.



The formula Peter gave Dr. Connors has been successful and to prove it’s efficiency, he injects himself with the formula. Unfortunately, the side effects are being turned into a giant Lizard. Discovering the true identity behind the Lizard, Peter feels responsible for him because he gave him the formula that created him. Understanding that his father hid the files and left him was to protect him as well as the world. Spider-Man fights The Lizard, while trying to find an antidote. The people of the city see Spider-Man and get involved to help him.



I didn’t expect to love this movie but I did! Andrew Garfield is Spider-man  and did it justice! Gwen Stacy is far better and loved her character and involvement with Peter/Spider-man. The dead of Uncle Ben had me crying and it will make you cry too! I believe this is the best Spider-man movie hands down!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set to release May 2, 2014

A third is already in the works!



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