Reflected in You Book Review!



Started reading yesterday, late in the afternoon and finished today around 2:30pm. Read it in one day. Yes, it was unbearable to put down. I would have finished the same night but I had duties which needed my full attention, my nieces and nephews!

I had read Bared to You, book 1 in the Crossfire series, and I loved it! Still hung on Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey series, it was difficult to just pick up a book let alone another series similar to it.

It did have similarities but it was on it’s own boat.

Reflected in You , brings Gideon and Eva in realization that it takes more than love to make it work. Bared to You took you in the world of not one but two people heavily damaged by their past and trying to take it day by day with each other.

Told in the perceptive of Eva, you feel not only her love, desire, passion/lust for Gideon but feel the awful nightmare that took her in a place that still haunts her. Trying to live her life and work in the industry she is passionate about, she always has to be there for a person who knows abuse all too well, her boyfriend Gideon.

Gideon is a very closed and private person but manages to open up to Eva sexually and  hopes that he can show her how much he truly loves and adores Eva, without having to tell or walk in memory lane.

You do get some answers and are left with more. Luckily, there is a book 3! Reflected in You was intense, emotional, and kept me on the edge that prevented me from putting it down. Half way in I had guessed what about to happen, then it turned and shocked me and had me holding my chest feeling like my heart was going to pop out!

Having Eva’s past coming back, trying to get Gideon to open up, having her bestfriend/roommate Cary admitting that it would be best to brake it off now, having Gideon’s ex-fiancee showing up in the worst possible times, just to name a few would make any sane person for nuts!

I absolutely loved book 2 and can’t wait to start book 3!


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