German Trailer for The Mortal Instruments!

THANK YOU GERMANY! The new trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in German was released and gave us more scenes INCLUDING JACE AND CLARY KISSING!

I took some screen shots from the trailer, hopefully we get the English version soon!

Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-55-56 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-56-12 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-56-20 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-57-32 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-57-43 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-57-53 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-58-02 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-58-13 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-58-27 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-58-42 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-58-51 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-59-01 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-59-12 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-59-22 Screenshot_2013-06-27-15-59-41 Screenshot_2013-06-27-16-00-43 Screenshot_2013-06-27-16-01-05 Screenshot_2013-06-27-16-01-09


Screamed because of this and the way it ended! AWESOME!


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