Sons of Anarchy Character Map!

If you haven’t seen the show or haven’t finished, this character map has spoilers! YOU HAVE BEEN WARN! 

John Thomas Teller-  Founder of SAMCRO. Father to Jax and Thomas Teller. Was killed by Clay Morrow because he wanted out of the gun business. Had an affair with Maureen and had a daughter with her in Belfast. Wrote a manuscript to Jax revealing the truth about the club and his goals. 

Jackson “Jax” Teller- Son to John and Gemma Teller and was Vice president of SAMCRO until he takes the title of president in Season 4 finale. Since finding his late father’s manuscript he was been conflicted in the decisions about the club and his life. Has two sons, one with his ex wife Wendy, Abel and one with his current girlfriend Tara, Thomas. Jax wants nothing more than to fix his club and have a better life for his boys. 


Gemma Morrow-Teller- John’s widow and Clay Morrow’s wife. Mother to Jax and Thomas Teller, grandmother to Abel and Thomas. Very protective of her boys and loves Clay, but would do anything to make sure the club’s survival and will manipulate her way to get it. Has kept the secret about John’s death from everyone and is worried that her son will find out her part in the murder.

Clay Morrow- A First 9 with John Teller. Married to John’s widow Gemma, and step father to Jax. He murdered John for the sack of the club. Was president of SAMCRO until Jax took over. Respected by his crew. Had began to suffer from arthritis which makes it difficult to ride. With his bad choices that result in hurting some members in his club, including Jax and his family, the club has since looked at Clay in a whole different light.

Wendy Chase- Jax’s ex wife and biological mother to Abel. Was a drug addict and used during her pregnancy which nearly killed Abel. Heads to rehab leaving Abel in the care to Jax. She later returns after two years and asks Tara, who has loved and raised Abel, that Wendy has a right to get to know her son.

Tara Knowles- Jax‘s first love since high school and rekindled their love when she returns to Charming as a surgeon in their town’s local hospital. She was Abel’s doctor when he was born. She began helping the club with medical assistants and brought her Jax closer. Tara became pregnant with Thomas and became a mother to two boys, Abel and Thomas. Loving Jax so much and her family but knowing that SAMCRO, Gemma and Charming won’t let them leave and have a safe life together. So Tara has to not only put up with it but learn to become a part of the club.


Piney Winston                                                                        Opie Winston

Chisb Telford                                                       Tig Trager                             Bobby Munson

Juice Ortiz

I still have one more season to finish and I would be completely caught up! Having to explain every single character and their involvement takes a while. Especially 5 years worth. I’ll try and have as much info as I possibly can and post them. These are the main characters on the show but each have enemies,  families, history and story line.


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