Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Review! (SPOILERS)

2008, couple of years late, but that’s not the point! I’M SERIOUSLY ON EDGE!! Having Game of Thrones season finale a month ago and The Walking Dead not airing until October, you can just imagine how crazy I’ve been going! Last weekend I watched an awesome film called Pacific Rim and having Charlie Hunnam as one of the main actors in the movie, it made me want to watch his show, Sons of Anarchy on FX. Thank baby Jesus Netflicks has them on instant watch!

So my obsession box has a new addition!


Sons of Anarchy is a group of bikers who are known for illegal life style. A Brotherhood that has been establish for decades. The story revolves not only the group but Jax Teller ( Charlie Hunnam) the son of the creator of SOA. Jax, having known nothing else but this life style he comes across his late father’s journal about his dream for the club.

With a new version placed in his hands Jax has another situation that needs his attention, his premature son. Jax’s ex wife Wendy(Drea de Matteo)  is a heroine addict and had her dose which caused her to have an immediate c-section. Jax’s son in clinical condition he also gets blast from the past. The love of his life and high school sweetheart Tara (Maggie Siff) is not only back in town but is the doctor who is caring for his new son. Abel Teller.

New son, emotions everywhere, ex wife heads to rehab and his club, Sons of Anarchy, rivals The Mayans not only destroyed their warehouse but have taken their guns. Yeah, that’s a pretty crazy roller coaster there!

SAMCRO ( Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) president is Clay Morrow, who was one of the First 9, which means he was in the club when it was run by John Teller, founder of SAMCRO.  Now, he is married to Gemma Teller, John Teller’s widow, and step-father to Jax. Off the bat, you see Clay as the bad ass you do not want to mess with but his club respect and look up to.

Jax and the club come together to figure out how to take back their guns and get back at The Mayans. Back at the hospital, Tara gets a call from her ex boyfriend who she had ordered a restraining order against him since she broke up with him when she lived in Chicago. ATF agent John Kohn, comes down to Charming stating that he is looking in the case of SAMCRO but reality is he hasn’t stopped stalking Tara.

John (The Stalker) follows the club and snaps photos of their illegal gun trades and gets interesting photos of Jax with women, which he sends to Tara to make her keep her distance from Jax. With Abel still in the hospital, Jax makes constant visits for his son and with Tara there you can sense your chemistry hasn’t died these couple of years.

Another ATF agent June Stahl also wants a crack at taking down SAMCRO, and will come up with anything to get her mission completed.  In order to get what she wants she must partner with Charming Deputy Hale, who hates SAMCRO and grew up in Charming. However, Chief Wayne Unser has been helping the club for a long time and wants to keep his badge before he retires.

Tara gets a visit from John and tells him that she wants him gone and to never bother her again. She then reveals the truth to Jax. Jax then threatens John and tells Deputy Hale to look into John for the sake of Tara. ATF John gets orders to leave Charming and to kiss his career good bye for violating the restraining order. He manages to escape and heads to Tara’s house. Just as his about to rape her, Tara gets her hands on his gun and shoots him in the stomach. Terrified she calls Jax for help. Once Jax arrives and sees John on the floor with a gun shot, he knows that Tara can claim self defense but John begins taunting Tara and gets a Jax over the edge and ends up killing John with the same gun. Tara not believing what just happens is shocked and relieved. Jax and Tara hold each other and share an intimate moment.

Ummm HELLO! THERE’S A DEAD BODY ON THE FLOOR AND YOU’RE DOING IT! – Was what I was thinking. Although, I was happy for them, even though I love Jax, I love them together.

Jax takes John’s body and disposes it and both agree to take it to their grave of what happen. Back to SAMCRO, in order to get The Mayans they need their whole crew, which brings us to Opie. Opie was in the club and was just released from prison. Wanting out for the sake of his family, Opie hasn’t been able to find anything like the club. He is welcomed back, which his wife Donna disapproves and wants nothing to do with The Sons. Having a plan set, Opie had a task but ended up failing and had Bobby (another First 9 member) to finish the job.


The ATF Stahl claims to have a witness and frames Opie by making him look like a “rat” which is believed by Tig and Clay. Clay and Tig (Second in command) are set that Opie has turned on the club and must be taken care of. They decide to murder Opie in secret.

Abel becomes healthy enough to finally go home! With a welcome home party for him, Clay and Tig get ready for the kill. However, Tig is expecting Opie to drive his truck but Opie decided to take his kids home taking his wife Donna’s car while she heads to the store in his truck. Clay finds out about the switch and tries to call it off but Tig doesn’t get the phone call. On a red light, Tig pulls up behind Opie’s truck and shoots someone in the back of the head. Donna. Tig pulls up and sees who it is and drives away. The crew find out about Donna and are devastated, not knowing that two members are responsible.

Deputy Hale knows that because of ATF Stahl’s set up was the result of an innocent woman getting killed. Hale informs Jax and tells hims that he believes Clay killed Donna because of Stahl. Jax can’t believe it and decides to keep that secret to himself, but knows that Clay isn’t who he thought he was.

This are the basic stuff and not going into so much detail because IT IS JUST FREAKIN INSANE! I honestly feel like my heart is going to explode in every episode!

This show is seriously in the category of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones! How didn’t I watch this show back in 2008 is a mystery to me but I’M OBSESSED AND HAVE IT IN MY DAMN HEAD 24/7!

There are 5 seasons out and season 6 is premiering  September 10, 2013 on FX!

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR IT AND I’M DYING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Expect more of me going on and on about SOA because I’M OBSESSED!



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