DIY The Mortal Instruments Shirt!

images (4)

In preparation for The Mortal Instruments movie to arrive, I came up with an idea that might help my wallet. Originally, my sister in law had bought TMI shirts at Hot Topic and ended up paying $70. So I went to the Goodwill and bought black muscle shirts for $3.99

Found a rune that I wanted to use. Angelic Rune. Printed it out and placed a glass from a frame inside the shirt to have some support when I draw.

I had a little bottle of glitter glue and the tip would work well to write on the shirt so I dumped the glitter and added house bleach and water. Use more water than bleach!

I had to hand draw the rune because filling out the cut out made the bleach spread making it just a big stain.


I did however use the cut out to trace and just freehand the rest. Let it set for about 10 minutes or until you see the results you like. Rinse. Then let it dry and your set!


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