The Conjuring Movie Review!

The Conjuring is about two paranormal investigators who have solved hundred of cases,  Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vega Farmiga) who are asked to help a family who are experiencing some supernatural events in their new home. I loved how they showed them as not only believers in the supernatural but spectacle to some claims. Lorraine having a gift of seeing and feeling certain things when she’s in contact with can and has taken a toll on her.

The Perron family, a loving husband Roger (Ron Livingston) and wife Carolyn (Lili Taylor) move into an old farmhouse along with their five daughters Andrea, Nancy, Christine, April, and Cindy. It starts off with the girls hearing and feeling things but when the door to the basement continues to open and things falling off the walls, the young become terrified. Carolyn suddenly wakes up with bruises on her body and starts to hear things in the house.

The young girls have a game they liked to play “Hide and Clap” where one person is blind folded and the rest hide. The seeker has three claps, and when the seeker begins to search the shout “first clap.” The hiders would clap to try to see if the seeker can hear where their hiding. If the seeker takes off their blind fold the game is over.

Carolyn hearing a clap from areas her daughters aren’t even in begins to frighten her. WHO KNEW CLAPPING COULD BE SO FREAKIN SCARING!! The youngest April claims that a music box once played you can see a little boy behind you. Christine starts to feel something pulling her in her sleep. When she awakes she sees someone and claims that the spirit said she wanted her family. So Carolyn tracks down Ed and Lorraine and pleads for help. Moved by their story, Ed and Lorraine accept the case.

It reminded me of the Paranormal Activity in the 70s! They set up cameras, recorders, and crosses everywhere. When Lorraine figures out why the spirits are haunting the family things begin to turn from bad to worse!

I wouldn’t say it was original, I mean we’ve seen our share of horror movies with haunted house and demonic possessions etc but I will say the parts were you jump, well you pretty much stay that anxious through the whole movie. Great acting, both the adults and the children. Scary ass moments! I mean I screamed in the movie theater! The way it ended might just be the plot for a sequel…perhaps The Amityville Horror case.  Overall, good movie and F.Y.I just have a holy water, bible or cross with you…just in case.

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