Who will be the New Batman?!

Ever since the announcement of Superman/Batman movie my brain has been on overdrive! They did say that the new Batman will be older, so not only did I had to search an actor who could play him but he had be older than what we are use to seeing.

So, the one image I had playing in my head was The Dark Knight Returns.  I pictured an older, still very built and of course he needed to have the voice. One night my brother (who introduced me to TDKR comic) and sister in law began shooting ideas and names of possible actors. Yeah, it was a lot harder than it sounds!

But two popped out. Two names that I can’t seem to shake off.

1: Jon Hamm (Mad Men)

In his early 40s, Jon Hamm has the features and muscles! As well a deep raspy voice that Batman has.

2: David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead) or who I like to call Liam Neeson #2 I SWEAR THEY LOOK AND SOUND EXACTLY ALIKE! The man would be perfect! In his late 40’s he has the voice, features, and as a HUGE WALKING DEAD FAN this man is a killer actor!!

IDEAS ARE FLYING!! I got goosebumps when they revealed the logo! I can’t express how excited I am for this movie!


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