Chapter 1: KIDS

Getting kids into reading is difficult! For some is because they don’t see the adults around them reading, so why should they? Or that fact is, it’s boring! The key is to find the books that are similar to the shows they watch or movies they enjoy. I have five nieces and nephews, and as a huge book reader I make it a mission to get them excited to read or at least enjoy it. Since they’re all different ages, 9 years, 8 years ,3 years ,1 year,8 months, I have variety of genres to go on.

I love reading! However, I didn’t fall in love with it until I was a junior in high school! I want my nieces and nephews to have all the tools they need to help them in school and in life. With reading it opens up the doors! I took my 9 year, 8 year and 3 year old nephews and niece to the library today and had them pick out any books.  My 9 year old Rogelio chose a mystery book and adventure book. My 8 year old Andrew chose history books. My 3 year old niece Anissa saw toys and went nuts! So I went into search mood! She’s into The Three Little Pigs are now, so I took that into consideration. Found picture books with creatures!

I found Giant Dance Party. Once we got home I showed her the book and she saw a monster and bright colors and smiled! I read it to her and she actually sat down and heard the whole story! That says a lot about my niece! I thought it was a very good book! A story about overcoming stage fright (ages 4-8)

I’ll continue to post my search for kid books and post the results (see how my nephews and nieces like it or not) . If any of my readers have kids, hope this helps!



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