The Maze Runner Book Review!

The Maze Runner

Last night I finished reading book 1 in The Maze series by James Dashner, and man oh man did it catch me by surprise! This series has been in my to read list but since the news of an adaption ready to hit the screen on February 2014, I had no choice by to get on it.

I’m sure glad I did!

The story starts with a boy in a box, being carried off somewhere. Having no memory of how he ended up in the box or any other memory other than his name, Thomas. Once the box opens up it is revealed that he is in a place with other boys, some a bit older and much younger. Thomas learns the place is called the Glade, which is surrounded by a giant maze. Every month, on the same day, a new boy is arrived in the box. Each boy has their own job and one purpose, to solve the maze and get home. Neither of the boys remember anything either only their names. When Thomas arrives things begin to go for the worse. For 2 years the maze has been unsolved and just as Thomas begins to follow on what goes on in the Glade, someone arrived 2 days later, a girl. Thomas must help solve the maze but within the maze is a creature like no other. Grievers. So, trying to get out from a 2 year prison like place, while trying to stay alive and far away from the Grievers, and continue to prove his innocence.

Just an amazing story and had me on the edge of my seat! Knowing this awesome book is being turned in to a movie has gotten me replaying scenes I hope they put in the movie. If you liked The Hunger Games or Ender’s Game, you’ll definitely enjoy this book!  If you haven’t read any of THG or EG, it’s an adventurer, mystery, suspenseful, hilarious, and survival of kids. I definitely recommend it to anyone!


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