Rise of the Guardians Review!

I knew this movie was going to be good, turns out, it was freaking awesome! Seriously, Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Jack Frost team up to take down the Boogeyman. Honestly, with a story like that what could be any better? HEART!

Now, I still cry while watching Disney movies (DON’T JUDGE ME) and sad commercials but I wasn’t expecting to cry 3 times for this movie! What a great new story to Jack Frost!


Jake Frost ( Chris Pine) is a fun guy who brings joy along with snow, but kids don’t believe in him. A cast out in the fantasy world.

When the boogeyman known as Pitch (Jude Law) starts up trouble, turning dreams into nightmares. Jack Frost is called upon the Moon to become a Guardian for the children.  Santa known as North (Alec Baldwin) calls his team, Tooth (Isla Fisher) Sandman, and Bunny (Hugh Jackman) with now the newest member Jack. With Pitch messing with kids, their beliefs are shattered which weakens the guardians since the kids have always believed and in that case they can see them. With the expectation of Jack.

Humor, great story, great cast, and just another awesome fun filled movie for the whole family!


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