The Scorch Trials Book Review!

Ummm…what just happen?!
Saying that it COMPLETELY took me off guard is definitely an understatement.
Without spoiling the whole first book, I’ll stick to the basics.
You’re introduced to new characters. New challenges. A MASSIVE TWIST! And of course more questions.
I felt more connected to Thomas in this book, just because of everything happening and his hope fading, the man just won’t give up. For the life of me, trying to figure out the sole purpose of the whole thing and all I get it a frustrated me along with a headache.

I loved this book! As much as I want to pick up book 3 and finally find out everything, must control my emotions. I mean, seriously, I felt like I was about to get a heart attack last night!

As for which one of the two were better? I have to say this book was definitely a lot more intense!

Equally awesome! And a must read!


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