The Death Cure Book Review!

The conclusion to The Maze Runner series and what a ROLLER COASTER! Now, the first book completely grab my attention from the first paper. Thomas’ struggle to understand what has happen to his memory of anything other than his name, then being sent to a place called the Glade with other boys his age or younger telling him that this is his home now. It never felt like it was dragging on or lack of action. Book 2, The Scorch Trails, was even more intense and high paced! Thomas and his group wanted nothing more than to survive and live in peace, and SO DID I! You connect to this characters and not just Thomas but with Newt, Minho, Frypan and etc. Just as book 1 had surprises, this one had triple twists I never saw coming!

Did The Death Cure deliver? HELLS YA! It being the last book of the series and so much already happened in two books, I was expecting, of course a fight to the finish but a more sincere way, YEAH WELL I WAS WRONG! I cried and yelled and felt like my heart was racing 100mph! I felt connected to Thomas from the very beginning but everything happening to him left and right, front and back, you get an eager to see him through the end.

Did it end happy? Well… you’re just going to have to read to find out. I will say it is now ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES!

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