Kids Book Club Guideline!

1953. Kids reading the first 3D comic.

I’ve said this before, as much as I love reading NOW, that wasn’t always the case. I started loving reading late in my junior year in high school. After having be so obsessed with a certain series suddenly had a craving to continue reading. I have 5 nephews and nieces, 9 year old nephew named Rogelio, 8 year old named Andrew, 3 year old named Anissa, 1 year old named Cataleya and a 10 month old named Talia. I want nothing more than to help them in school and life as much as I possibly can. I take my role of Aunt/Godmother very seriously!

I want them to enjoy reading as much as I do now! I have a passion for it that I wish I had when I was growing up. So here I am creating a book club for them! Yay! Of course my three nieces are too young but I am getting my 3 year niece excited about books. This book club is focusing on my two nephews. Reading will help them so much in school, that I wasn’t even aware of!

Here are My Guidelines! 

  • Book club is every week, I’m leaning towards every Wednesday. I will be getting the books based on their AR test ( Accelerated Reader) so when they finish the book  and we discuss it they would be ready to take their AR test the next day! AWESOME!

Choosing the right books

“No one ever reads the same book.” Everybody is different and have different tastes. There’s different challenges that could work for each person. It can be difficult for a person to choose a book when their not much of a book reader.

  • Name Challenge-  Using your name to find a book. For Example: my name is Cesilia, so I would consider reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 
  • Favorite Movie- What’s your favorite movie? Honestly, this helps! It helps you looking into a genre that interest you. For Example: My favorite movie is Star Wars, so I would consider reading Ender’s Game. Both are Science Fiction. 
  • Subject- Comedy, Mystery, Science Fiction, History etc. you choose what type of topics you like reading.
  • Monthly Challenge- Every month we have a different book based on the month. For Example: October is the month for Halloween. Pirates, Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies or superheros such as Batman. 


One of the great things about books is that their always turning them into movies. Either their novels or series, such as Percy Jackson. Reading to me is a movie playing in my head, I see the characters come to life and I see the surroundings come to life. Every time I hear an adaption is in the works I go start in to the book first! What a cool way to incorporate that into the club. Once we finish reading a book that has been turning into a movie, we would have a movie night! To see if their favorite scenes were put into the movie or if they changed certain things.  I mean who doesn’t like a movie night?!


I want it to be fun and exciting but I also want them to actually learn something from the books they choose. I will have activities and games based on the book we’re reading.

  • Would you change the ending?
  • What were your favorite scenes?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • If it were to be turned into a movie what scenes were you want to be in it?
  • Your favorite quote?

In a group we would discuss everything they liked or disliked about the book. Once we are through we would play an activity based on the book’s subject. For Example: if we read Diary of a Wimpy kid, we could create a paper cheese (Cheese Touch) they  must answer questions correctly to continue or they would have to get the “cheese Touch” the last person standing wins the game!


I’m extremely excited to get this started and get my nephews and their friends eager to read! I’ll upload more info soon!



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