Ten Book Review!



Two best friends get invites to what will be the party of the year. Meg and Minnie accept the invitation to take a ferry up to Henry Island. Meg, wants nothing more than to stay home and get ready to leave for college and start a new life, away from having to take care of her best friend Minnie, who suffers from bipolar disorder.

However, Minnie wants to go! So, off goes Meg, for protection. Once they arrive to Henry Island, completely away from civilization, Minnie and Meg find themselves with 8 other people in the house, among the group is T.J. a guy Meg’s best friend has been in love with for years and oh yeah and the love of her life too.

T.J. had asked Meg to Homecoming and she had said yes, but when confronted by Minnie and her feeling that she betrayed her friend, she text T.J and cancelled and has tried to fall out of love from him. Unsuccessfully. He hates her, Minnie makes her promise to her that her feels for him is over and now they have to spend three days together, under the same roof.


With a total of 10 people in the house, without the hostess who invited them there, things begin to get weird.

They find a video, a disturbing video, that has a countdown of 10 and images of sorts. Then one by one they begin to die, murdered.

A storm has began which meant they were stuck in a house, on a island, with a murder with a vengeance.

“They must pay for what they have done”

Again, this book freaked me out but I couldn’t put it down! I checked it out yesterday morning and finished it that night.

This book reminded me of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (Which I enjoyed)

It had a Carrie and The Ring feel to it. That my friends is a creepy combo!

MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE HORROR/MYSTERY BOOK! As to trying to figure out who could possibly be doing the murders and why, seemed obvious and then BAM! SWITCH-A-RUE! I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a great mystery, horror, suspenseful or paper turner!


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