An updated version for my cast of Fifty Shades of Grey!

Since Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the project for the adaption for Fifty Shades of Grey, I’ve been on crazy…er mode! I’m trying to get every character cast with the actors I believe would bring the character to life in the right way.

Two characters have been cast so far; Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and her mother Carla May Wilks (Jennifer Ehle)

Dakota Johnson

Jennifer Ehle

Now my cast vision!  I’LL STILL STICK WITH MY MAIN MAN HENRY CAVILL, but I know that won’t happen so moving on…

Christian Grey

Gabriel Macht

Stephen Amell

I’m pretty sure they won’t cast Mrs. Robinson in this film, mainly because she doesn’t appear until book 2, however I think Sherilyn Fenn would be great!

Sherilyn Fennas mrs. Robinson

More to add, but let’s see who they decide to go with for Christian. HOPEFULLY SOON!!!


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