Possess Book Review!

Fifteen year old Bridget Liu has a special ability, or curse. She can communicate with demons, and send them back into Hell. Attending a Catholic high school, Bridget isn’t very social with only 3 friends. Bridget confides in Monsignor Renault in her “gifts” and soon he begins to train her in the art of exorcism.  Still grieving for the lose of her father, who was murdered less than a year ago, Bridget has grudges with anyone who was involved. That includes Matt Quinn, the son of the police sergeant who was also her father’s best friend, and her old childhood friend.

Still trying to wrap her head around her sudden abilities a new priest shows up, Father Santos, sent from the Vatican, to investigate the high numbers of possessions going on in San Francisco. With her first exorcism something is off, other than the demon trying to kill them, but one demon is different. It tries to warn Bridget, “don’t trust the priest.”

Keeping her secret, locked up tight, her feelings for Matt checked, her friend Peter suddenly becomes a a creepy stalker, a demon told her to not trust the priest when she’s surrounded by them and she then finds out a link as to why she has this power.

This book had your, Exorcist, The Mortal Instruments, Buffy the Vampire slayer, all rolled into one, minus the werewolves and vampires. An awesome Good vs. Evil, Demons vs. Angels and a love triangle and lose and redemption! I loved this book and would definitely read it again and again.




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