Survive Book Review!

Jane Solis has a family line of suicides, her grandmother and her father. To her it was something that she felt she has to do now. Institutionalized because of her 2 falls attempts to end her life, Jane masters up a plan. It’s the Christmas holiday, Jane tells the doctors that she would like to visit her mother since it’s been a year since she’s been out and it just happens to be her father’s anniversary.
Her plan seems pretty simple, step one: get on the plane. Step two: from the sleeping pills she manages to sneak into her bag. Step three: drink the max of sleeping pills and die before the plane lands.
Her plan takes a different turn, the plane crashes into a snowy deserted mountain. When she wakes she finds bodies of the passengers all over the place, deceased. Except for Paul Hart. Her seat neighbor who kept trying to talking to her on the plane. Paul is stuck on his seat and needs Jane’s help. Once he’s safe Jane reveals to Paul that she was suppose to die but Paul manages to say, if she were died he would have died as well if it wasn’t for her.
Now, Jane is put into a choice, survive or die. I loved having this character wanting nothing more than to end her life put into a situation where she comes into admitting that she wants to live.
Paul and Jane, the lone survivors try to find ways to survive, shelter, food, water and want to be found. With the weather having no help, trying to get found is the least of their worries. Dehydrating and hypothermia, Jane and Paul become closer. Jane not wanting to seem like a “nut case” she finds out that Paul knows a thing or two about losing someone, like herself. This book was fantastic and felt so real! I loved it and enjoyed it all the way to the end.
I would and will read this book again and again! Awesome work!


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