We might get an R-rating and NC-17 version of Fifty Shades!


YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! According to producer Dana Brunetti, having two versions would be cool. Of course, the first release will be rated R and DUH! If it wasn’t, you would have some seriously pissed off women! He says that having the original first then release the NC-17 a few weeks after. That would be FREAKING AMAZING! As a huge fan of the series, of course I’m worried as to how true they will be to the books. What scenes they’re going to add. I’m especially worried as to how the actors portray the characters.

There is a lot of talk about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson not being the right actors for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. I stay with my #1 choice, Henry Cavill and Emilia Clarke. However,  casting someone that isn’t really known in acting is actually what I said they should do. Jamie and Dakota look amazing in the promo pictures and I think they will shock people with their performances! 

So, whichever version comes out, bet you’re lucky charms that I will attend both!

Prepare to squirm in your seats February 13, 2015


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