“The Hub” Episode Review!

“The Hub” Episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Hilarious and intense episode! So, the episode starts off with Coulson being taken into a room, where two other men are about to interrogate him. Yeah, we know those guys are definitely the bad guys. The men then call another man, who turns out to be Agent Shaw (Charles Halford) an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D


Agent Shaw and Coulson escape with the help of May and Ward. Once on the safety of the Globemaster (the airplane) Agent Shaw is siting down in Simmons’s lab. It’s revealed that Shaw collected Intel undercover, however in order to retrieve it Simmons must pull it out through his nose. YEAH THAT WAS PRETTY GROSS!

The team ask Coulson what is in the chip only to find it that it is classified,  level 8. The team arrive at The Hub, the base for primary missions. The only members who are authorized are Agents Coulson, May and Ward, to learn of the mission by the director of The Hub,Victoria Hand.

Mission: Overkill-  destroy the enemy’s weapon known as the Overkill, that has the potential to neutralize their weapons and create a war. Hand needs two men that could go in and neutralize it and get it away from the separatist. However, in order to do that Ward needs Fitz, who will be the one to deactivate the device.

I loved loved these two guys teamed up! Fitz, intelligence, Ward, the muscle, plus some tension. You know that Fitz isn’t very fond of Ward since he was the one that saved Simmons. I loved that he called him out on it, “I’m just as good of an agent them you.” In this episode you do see more of Fitz and Simmons hidden affection for each other in such a way that you can’t help by go, AWWWWWWW!

Kept in the dark, Skye and Simmons decide to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D’s system to find out what the mission really is. Again, teams were awesome paired! Fitz and Ward and Skye and Simmons! Skye tells Simmons to use a flash drive that she created that would allow her 3 minutes to hack into the system. Funny to see a girl who is use to breaking the rules to a girl who never breaks them. Skye manages to log in but takes the opportunity to search for her parents, but with time running out she immediately searches for Ward and Fitz, only to find out that there isn’t a extraction (no rescue team) Coulson catches Skye and to a surprise Coulson wasn’t informed about the no extraction, however he doesn’t tell that to Skye.

Ward and Fitz locate the Overkill device and Fitz jumps into action. I loved this scene between the two men! Ward informs Fitz that there is no extraction and he tells him that Fitz should get a head start in escaping. Fitz confronts Ward, telling him that Coulson didn’t just told Ward into protecting Fitz, he told Fitz as well. You get the sense of understanding between them and it was definitely realization that they had each others backs.

Fitz and Ward successfully neutralize the weapon and are relieved that something better than an extraction team saves them, The Calvary. Their Team!

Back at the Hub Victoria reveals that she knew Coulson’s team didn’t need an extraction team. At the end of the episode Coulson tells Skye that he looked into the file about her, only it wasn’t much of information. Turns out a S.H.E.L.D. agent dropped her off at the orphanage. Who that agent was is unknown, but Skye is overwhelmed with this information and thanks Coulson.

Coulson walks into his office with May sitting down with a file in her hands. She asked what Coulson told Skye which he replied, “the truth.” May says, “but you didn’t tell her why.” Coulson says “some secrets are meant to be hidden.”

You see a photo of a woman on the file May was reading, the woman is on the floor covered with blood. She was murdered. Coulson asks May if she would help him find out about Skye’s parents to which she agrees.

Before it ends you see Coulson making a phone call and orders a file, about a deceased. The person on the phone tells him that he is not authorized to that file, which is weird because it’s his own.

Another good episode, and just to say this I love this series! As a Marvel fan, I give two thumbs up!

Don’t miss Tuesday’s episode! Thor crossover episode which set to be right after Thor: The Dark World, can’t wait to see them connect!

Don’t miss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Tuesdays 8/7 pm c on ABC!


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