Under the Sea a mermaid falls in love with a prince!

November 17, 1989 The Little Mermaid hit theaters!  Ariel, daughter of King Triton,  finds humans fascinating. When she sees a boat filled with men, who is a girl to do, but check it out. Ariel sees a young man named Eric, for her it was love at first sight. With her being a mermaid and Eric being a human, she made a deal with Ursula, an evil doer who wishes to own the sea. Ariel could be turned human but she must give her voice to Ursula. Ariel finally meets Prince Eric and they bond, but without the ability to talk Ariel finds it difficult to make Eric fall in love with her. The Little Mermaid proved that true love defeats all. Ariel and Prince Eric married and lived happily ever after!

In honor of today, here are my inspirations filled of The Little Mermaid!

By Petit Tiara

Ariel's family

Baby Ariel

What If Disney Princesses Were Magazine Cover Models?

loveeeeed this story as a kid

Ariel will always be my favorite princess of all time. I wish I had her hair like seriously

Disney Minimalist Posters #Disney #Art #Posters http://www.trendhunter.com/the disney princess

disney quote from disney princess ariel



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