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Beauty and The Beast premiered November 22, 1991.

I feel like if I had to pick any princess that has similar traits to myself, it would definitely be Belle! Her love for literature is exactly how I am.

When her father, an inventor, is held hostage by a Beast, Belle offers herself as a replacement. The Beast accepts and releases her father. The Beast, we learn was cursed because of his selfishness and narcissism. The spell would only be broken if a woman falls in love with him as the beast before the last rose peddle falls, and he will stay a beast forever.

Guys take note, chicks like libraries!  

So many characters that you can’t help but love, in this case a lot of home decors!

Here are some inspirational pins!

By Petit Tiara

3. Felix

14 Disney Couples Go To Prom

By Petit Tiara


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