The Toys are back!

Toy Story 2 takes place 4 years later

November 24, 1999 Woody, Buzz and the gang returned with a new adventurer and new characters!

 Woody and Buzz are best buds! While playing with Andy, Woody gets “wounded.” His arm loses his string. Having a fear that Andy wouldn’t want him anymore, he gets accidentally put in a box that will be sold on a yard sale. He gets bought and that’s where his new companions appear!

 Woody meets or reunites with Cowgirl Jesse! He learns that before he was Andy’s toy, he was on a popular tv show.

 Along with Jesse, Bullseye , was Woody’s companion horse!

 But the gang plan a rescuing team and are off to bring Woody home! The only person standing in their way is Stinky Pete, an old toy still inside his box that wants nothing more than to leave to a new owner and take Woody and Jesse with him!

The team work together and beat the bad guy and return home to Andy!




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