Fifty Shades of Grey casting!

The entire cast is nearly complete! Filming started December 1, Sunday and has been on a role with getting the characters with the right actors. So far, PRETTY DAMN NEAR PERFECT!

First glimpse of Christian and Anastasia.

Here are the characters already cast!

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Jennifer Ehle as Carla May Wilks ( Anastasia’s Mother)

Elosie Mumford as Kate Kavanagh (Anastasia’s roommate/best friend)

Dylan neal as bob

Dylan Neal as Bob Adams (Anastasia’s step-father)

Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs. Grey

Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Grace Trevelyan- Grey (Christian’s adopted mother)

Max martini as Jason Taylor Christian Grey's head of security  in the fifty shades movie

Max Martini as Jason Taylor ( Christian’s bodyguard) 

Rita Ora as Mia Grey

Rita Ora as Mia Grey (Christian’s adopted sister)

Actor Luke grimes as Elliott grey

Luke Grimes as Elliott Grey (Christian’s adopted brother)

Photo: We have a feeling you'll be "kindred spirits" with the newest member of #TeamFifty. Best known for his roles in How to Make It in America and Raising Victor Vargas, Victor Rasuk joins the Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie family as Jose Rodriquez.

Victor Rasuk as Jose Rodriguez (Anastasia’s friend)

So far it’s looking pretty well! Filming began December 1, Sunday in Vancouver and thankfully we get a small glimpse of the first scenes. THE COFFEE SHOP SCENE!

10 characters that are pretty important are yet to be cast, from what I remember. It’s been a while guys and I’ve read so many books after it’s hard to keep track, so bare with me.

Yet to be cast;

Carrick Grey: Christian’s adopted father

Caroline Acton: Christian’s personal shopper that dresses Anastasia

Claude Bastille: Christian’s personal trainer

Gail Jones: Christian’s housekeeper

Dr. Flynn:Christian’s therapist

Dr. Green: Anastasia’s personal doctor

Ethan Kavanagh: Kate’s brother

Paul Clayton: Brother of the owner of the hardware store Anastasia works.

Ray Steele: Was married to Anastasia’s mother but divorced, but she considers him her father

With the rate it’s been going, they should be finished within weeks! I’ll post more pictures as soon as they become available!




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