Our new Christmas Tradition!

ChristmasIt sure does! So this year I wanted to make Christmas extra special for my nephews and nieces. Now, I don’t have kids, but with them sure does feel like they’re mine. I take the role of Aunt (Tia)/ Godmother very seriously.

So I jumped on Pinterest and found tons of ideas, but one stood out from the rest. A book tradition. DONE!

You buy 25 different Christmas books and wrap them up and each day the child will unwrap one book up until Christmas. AWESOME SAUCE! Now the post was made my a mother, so she did read the books after they unwrap them, as for me, I wouldn’t be able to read them the books at bedtime. But wait! This year my family will be spending the week up until Christmas in a cabin in the mountains. BING BONG POW!

So my twist is my nephews and nieces unwrap one book each per day, once when head on over to the cabin I will unpack all the books and have a family read-athon!

Now, I had budget, and by budget I need BROKE! I mean a homeless person had more money than me. Then the awesome store called Thrift store came into my book hunting mission to a easy and affordable task. My local thrift story had an entire section of Christmas books, so I didn’t have to look through every single book, picked out my favorite 25 books and went on a day they were having a 50% off sale and bought my books for about $14.

My goal was to find something that not only was something the kids would remember but that I didn’t have to donate blood to afford it.

I took these pictures on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day

These are all 25 wrapped and under our Christmas tree



This is my 3 year old niece Anissa


20131202_101248 20131202_101301

She got really excited!



This is 1 year old niece Cataleya

20131202_101233 20131202_101245

She was just happy to get to rip paper, but she was happy about the book.



This is my 9 year old nephew, Rogelio

20131204_160604 20131204_160612 20131204_160618(0)


This is my 8 year old nephew Andrew

20131203_150323 20131203_150338

He was really surprised, even though he was with me when I bought them


20131203_150342 20131203_150351




My 1 year old goddaughter Talia, well she likes to eat paper so I tried to hide the box of books from her. So there you have it. Our new Christmas book tradition.

I’ll post our list of books soon!


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