The Legend of Hercules Movie Review!

Let me just say this for the record, I did not, repeat DID NOT want to see this movie! A friend of mine wanted to see it, and be being the awesome friend that I am, sacrificed myself. Yup, if you ever want to torture yourself, watch The Legend of Hercules.

First of I knew, I KNEW, by the trailer that this movie wasn’t going to be good. So let’s discuss this horrific movie.

For my Twilight fans, remember Emmett (Kellan Lutz) plays Hercules, Son of Zeus. Having an actor to speak in an accent of any kind is difficult and managed to act well, is very rare. I’m sorry to say but those two cases were just some of the problems to this film.

Acting, OMG, it was just, it was so bad that there aren’t words for me to describe it. The action scenes were in slow motion, poorly executed! This movie really REALLY tried to make it look like 300 and failed miserably.

I know that there are other reviews about this movie, ALL ARE BAD! Mine, just happens to be in the nice area. Seriously though, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!

So, please Hollywood leave Hercules alone if you can’t do it right. My Hercules will forever be this…


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