Monday should be exciting…



Monday is the start of a new week. Some of us have school, work or other responsibilities, but some of us need some inspirations. That includes myself. I’m starting to see 2014 as the year of taking chances. Something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the guts to do it. I take inspirations from everything I do. My books, my shows, my movies, music, basically anything that just sparks that little light. So as we snooze that annoying alarm clock, get our third cup of coffee to wake up, or even try to figure out what to wear, I want you to choose one thing, just one, that you’ve been thinking of doing, or wanted to try.

Now, I’m not saying go EXTREME, like jump out of a plane or lose 20lbs in a week. Just something small, something that you can do right now. Why? Because it will build your confidence and you will feel like you’ve accomplished something.

For example: You always wanted to bake a cake. Wanted to finish a book and/or series. Watch a classic movie. Spend at least in an hour outside. Listen to a song or band you’ve always wanted to listen to.

Bucket list

Pinterest is an amazing site that has EVERYTHING. If you need some inspirations for anything, this is the site that will help.

Mondays shouldn’t be a pain, so I hope this changes the way we feel about Mondays.

I would like to hear about what you did or want to try. Comment below and share it!


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