Frostbite Book Review!

Holy crap!!! I’m an emotional wreck right now! I never thought that was how it was going to end!

Rose and Dimitri are still trying to control their feeling towards each other, you know the whole taboo thing, sister/teacher romance isn’t a good thing. Rose is about to take her exam to become a guardian and her and Dimitri end up finding one of the legends of Guardians murdered.

Strigoi are not only attacking…humans are helping. Everything is chaos and the Academy decides to go on a resort not only for safety but it is Christmas season.

Lissa and Christian are hotter than ever. Rose is trying to control her lust for Dimitri, while trying to use Mason as a distraction. Oh and we get to meet Rose’s mother, Janine Hathaway.

This book made me feel super sorry for Rose, even when she was being a total bitch, when you look from her point of view you can understand why she feels the way she feels. Having feels for two different guys, one being forbidden, missing your bestfriend, resentment towards your mother, the fact that you all might be in danger because of the Strigoi and a new guy in the mix.

Adrian Ivanshko is a royal member and when he and Rose meet, there are definitely an attraction. Not to mention he can pop in her dreams, and knows a little too much about her and Lissa’s special connection.

Plus everyone seems to think Adrian isn’t someone you should be near to. I can’t wait to read more about his story.

Frostbite was intense and filled a lot of emotions. You really see what Guardians have to do and what it really takes. Rose finally got it at the end of this book. I loved it just I loved Vampire Academy!

Off to book 3! 


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