Tuesday to me are ALWAYS TOO LONG!

For some odd reason, Tuesdays seem to go on FOREVER! I don’t know if it’s because my nephews get out early and that means I have all he kids all day. Or if it’s just normal. I don’t think it’s normal! Trying to stay positive, which is kind of hard for me, and think of what I will do today. For example, last night was very weird…freaked me out a little to be honest.

Before I get into that I will like to add, I ACCOMPLISHED ONE OF MY BUCKET LIST OF 2014!

This was an Oscar movie that I actually really liked...the only Hitchcock to ever win Best Picture. It's involving, well-acted, and well-directed. The only problem I had with it, from a modern perspective, is wondering why the new wife didn't just, you know, talk to her husband about his ex-wife. But it was in character for her to act the way she did, so the story still works.


That’s right give me a cyber high five! I finally watched Rebecca. That might not seem like something someone should be happy about but let me explain. I’ve always loved classic films, I don’t know they always seem so real that it captivated me. Rebecca was a film I just wanted to see because it was a classic. I later learned that it was a beloved novel. So I decided to pick up the novel first and gave it a try. I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!  I knew that watching the film was a must now.

All this happen last year. Last night I finally managed to watch the 1940’s Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (I’ll review the film later) and it was exactly as I pictured when I read the book. It was so beautifully made (again more on the later) that it stuck to me. Even long after the movie was over I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Which brings us back to that thing I said, “freaked me out” part. I had these two couple in my head. A older man and a young lady. Something about them made my reach for my phone and before I knew it, I was writing their conversation.

Weird, huh? Told you!

I finished writing and connected my phone to the charger on my dresser. Turned off my light and covered myself ready to fall asleep. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I couldn’t sleep, I tossed and turned, moved in every position on the bed to find a comfortable spot. Nothing worked. The couple were in my head again. The same couple I thought about after I finished watching Rebecca.

So, with a deep breath I calmed my mind, which isn’t as easy as it sounds, and let my couple speak.

When I woke up this morning I knew something. I needed to tell their story. The story that apparently was trying to get my attention.

This week is going to be a long and tough one…


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