Good vampires and bad vampires, Dhampirs, half human half vampire. sure that makes sense, seeing ghosts…yeah that’s not right!

Rose is seeing ghosts. First she sees someone that even it weren’t following her she still has in her mind. This one is probably my favorite out of the three I’ve read so far. why? I can’t say without spoiling it but I will say…OMG FINALLY!
With that said, what happened after made it that much more heart breaking!  I cried reading the last few pages, I seriously cried so much I had to control my breathing and wipe my river of tears because I couldn’t see the words anymore. You get more answers about lissa’s and Rose’s link and it does make sense.
With so much happening to both of the girls, you feel more about Rose and her struggles. definitely my favorite and can’t wait to continue the rest of the books, just as soon as I can cope with reality…yeah you will be depressed at the end!


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