Flowers in the Attic Movie Review!

Lifetime FINALLY gave us a INCEST Flowers in the Attic!

I’m basing my review from the 1987 version. I HAVE NOT READ THE NOVEL!

The story is of a lovely all american family in the 50s. A hard working man Christopher Sr. with his beautiful wife Corrine (Heather Graham), living well with their four children, Christopher (Mason Dye), Cathy (Kiernan Shipka), Cory and Carrie. The family then get an unexpected and devastating news, the father and husband they love so much has been in accident and didn’t survive.

Corrie, a widow and single mother of 4 now has to figure out what to do. With “no other opinion” Corrie contacts her mother, who just so happens to be rich. Corrie tells her two older kids, Christopher and Cathy that Corrie had a fall out with her mother and father. She had ended up leaving and now that she and her family need help she write letters hoping her mother would give them mercy. When Corrie’s mother finally accepts their plea, Corrie grabs the kids and take off. However, when the arrive their new grandmother Olivia (Ellen Burstyn) isn’t as kind as the kids were expecting. Living in a mansion and promised to have all the things they could imagine by their mother they stick to being hopeful. Their sent to a bedroom upstairs and must keep quite and NEVER leave the room.

 Locked from the inside by their new grandmother, Christopher and Cathy were that this was probably a mistake. When their mother reassures them her father is very ill and close to death, once she makes her way back into his will they will live happily ever after.

Click here for 7 mixed-up lessons you learn about family in Flowers In The Attic. Their would leave for days, weeks and would bring gifts, to replace the time she has been gone. Cathy finds it odd that when her mother would return she would have a different more elegant outfit than the last. The kids, locked up in a bedroom and away from sunshine they ask their grandmother to let the kids out to play. The Grandmother instead opens another door inside their bedroom that leads to the attic. There the kids must be held.

 Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn were amazing in this film. Ellen Burstyn as the evil grandmother was genius and beautifully played, scared the crap out of me!

Brother and sister were also well played by Mason Dye and Kiernan Shipka.


Locked in a small room, with nothing else to do, only feed once a day, taking care of their two small brother and sister, oh and going through puberty, abused by your grandmother and abandoned by their mother, you see just imagine what would happen.

Cathy and Christopher begin to see each other differently and it doesn’t help being locked in a room together, and having you Grandmother accusing them of  devil stuff when nothing was going on.

I watched the original and the only reason I wanted to watch it was because of the whole incest thing. I mean we don’t get a lot of that in movies or TV now a days, well we did get Star Wars and Game of Thrones, but you get my idea. I was pissed that the 1987 version had nothing incest relation!

Lifetime we done good! There’s a scene where Christopher is beaten by his Grandmother and Cathy cleans up the wounds. They share their first kiss!

Flowers in the attic

There are two other scenes where you know “something” happen, HINT HINT THEY DO IT! It wasn’t a lot but it was better than the original. Some fans of the novel were angry because it didn’t show more and I guess the book had more sex between Christopher and Cathy than the remake showed. YEAH I’M TOTALLY GOING TO READ THE NOVEL NOW!

I won’t spoil anymore than I already have, but it really wasn’t a spoiler because you know the brother and sister were going to fall in love and the children were abused by their grandmother. If you haven’t seen the new remake, you definitely should if you felt like the 1987 version didn’t do a good job.

Flowers In The Attic [2014]  - Promo



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