Blood Promise Book Review!

What…What the hell just happen!? I feel like I just rod a roller coaster and it has finally stopped yet I can’t get off the ride. INTENSE DOESN’T BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW THIS BOOK IS!!!

I’m going to try, extremely hard to explain this book without giving anything away. This will be the hardest review I have ever written, because I really want to talk about it without spoilers. Dear baby Jesus help me!

Rose has a mission, to find Dimitri. In order for her to do that she had to leave Lissa and the academy. Rose goes to the one place she knew met something to Dimitri, Russia, his homeland. On her way she meets some people she didn’t expect to meet. For example, Dimitri’s family, another spirit user and shadow-kissed and some guy who claims to have been hired by someone that wants her far away from Russia and back in Montana.

This one was very emotional and intense, not just with Rose but with Lissa, Adrian and Christian. With their link, Rose still uses it to check in on Lissa. You feel the same frustration Rose feels when it comes to finding Dimitri and her friend ship with Lissa.

You meet new characters in this one, starting with Avery. Avery is a graduate Moroi and has a reputation as a trouble maker back the Courts. Now, a resident at St. Vladimir, Lissa befriends her after some time. Rose feels like she could be replaced with Avery, yet Rose feels like it would be good for Lissa to have someone, since her bestfriend abandon her. Sydney is alchemist, someone that cleans up the messes after a Strogoi is killed. Rose meets Sydney in Russia and with much disagreement and distrust, they end up with Dimitri’s family.

Sydney believes that Strogoi are evil as well as Moroi and Dhampirs. As they spend more more time together Sydney and Rose become some what friends. With Sydney always on call, she leaves Rose with Dimitri’s family, who adores her. Rose feels safe and feels the love that she has been craving for so long. Having been in St. Vladimir her whole life, she never had a lovely home.

Just as she feels like everything is falling into place things unravel. Abe Zmey, a known and dangerous man begins to stalk her. Telling her that she needs to leave Russia. Claiming that someone was looking for her, her thinking that someone from home has finally found her. Then there’s Lissa. Her acting and outrages outburst is starting to worry her and Christian. Adrian still finds his way into Rose’s dream and she notices that made things aren’t as the seem.

You get new information as to Spirit users, Shadow-kissed, and someone from Rose’s life comes into her world, without even realizing it. SERIOUSLY, I DIDN’T SEE IT COMING!

The way it ended you seriously feel like feeling a heart attack coming on! I can’t imagine how book 5 will be. I loved every page of this book, and know that each book gets better and better. I didn’t think that was possible since I fell in love with Vampire Academy.


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