The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 Game Review!

The Wolf Among Us episode 2, Smoke & Mirrors was available to purchase. Thankfully Xbox had the first episode for free and since I received my first Xbox 360 for Christmas, I was downloading everything. I fell in love with The Wolf Among Us and the whole story.


Having said that I won’t feel bad in telling my out come of the game.

Recap! Bigby is the sheriff of Fabletown, located in Manhattan. Bigby was also known as The Big Bad Wolf, from The Three Little Pigs. When a fable is murdered, Bigby investigates who the kill might be, and the motive. When searching for answers Bigby learns that Fabletown has been in desperation for a while now.

First victim: Story- Faith (Donkeyskin) The story is about a King who promised his dying Queen that he would not marry anyone else unless she is as beautiful as her. When he couldn’t find a bride he realized that the only one who was beautiful like his former wife was his daughter. She fled and hid her appearance under the fur of every animal in the forest. When she meet a Prince Lawrence, he saw beneath the hideous fur and fell in love. They lived happily ever after.

Fabletown- Faith was working as a prostitute to pay for Lawrence’s health. Bigby first meets Faith when Mr. Toad called him about a disturbance in the motel. Faith was being attacked by The Woodsman. According to Faith he asked her if she remember him from their old world. When she didn’t he beat her.

Bigby tried to help out Faith, which was difficult when she didn’t “couldn’t” tell him who she worked for. Later that night Snow White finds Faith’s head on their door step.

He tracked down Woodsman and confronted him about the situation. Bigby wasn’t the only one looking for answers, Dee, (Tweedledee) Alice in Wonderland claims he’s boss is the one who wants answers.

By the end of the game you see a crime scene outside his apartment complex. Walking up, then looks down he sees Snow White’s head on the door step.

Smoke & Mirrors

Takes place in the police station, Bigby is being integrated because of the current murder. The only suspect for Bigby is Dee, which he had locked up. Having been a little rough he learns Dee’s boss wasn’t a fan of Faith. Bigby than meets Geogie (Sebastian, Little Mermaid) the owner of a strip club, who just so happens to be the second victims old boss. He than meets a dancer who proves a little club, The little mermaid herself.

Second Victim: Snow White, or so they thought. It turned out Snow is very much alive. The victim was glamoured. A spell all fables use to live in the human world. The glamour is used to make the fables look human, however this fable was glamoured to look like Snow White.

Bigby learns that the murderer is not only killing but recreated Snow White’s story during the murder. While searching for clues in the hotel room the victim was in he finds a picture of what could only be explain as a picture of the killer himself.

I enjoyed Smoke & Mirrors just as much as the first episode. I was shocked at the end! I do want to play it again and change my decisions and see how much the story changes. Again this game is awesome and I had to buy the season pass which is $14.99 for the remaining episodes. Which isn’t bad at all since each episode separately is $4.99 and there’s 5 episodes left.

So if you haven’t played it definitely give it a go! One of my favorite games!


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